Tuesday, June 29, 2010

ssg special - october

not only is october a month of the year, it also happens to be what julian smith calls himself when he is knocking out quality DJ sets and productions. i must admit it is only really in the last year or so that i've discovered october's sounds. a strong recommendation from eric cloutier plus a growing interest in caravan recordings was enough to starting paying close attention. and i have been impressed. the mix october has put together for us i think is a great representation of what has attracted me: it has personality and charm, and programmed beautifully. some serious heat here. strongly recommended...

ssg special - october mx

october is a busy man, and he's got plenty coming up, including collabs with appleblim, geiom, cornelius harris and ewan pearson, not to mention a longplayer of his own. he is also playing at this year's free rotation festival, which consistently has one of the best lineups this side of labyrinth. for more info, check his myspace and the home page for the very excellent caravan recordings. my suggestion is to keep a close eye on october and caravan. i'm expecting some really interesting stuff in the future... enjoy the mix. we'll post the tracklist next week. big thanks to october for making this happen.


  1. My man Julian Smith is in the house! YEAH!

  2. it's about time you started listening to me, chris. :-P

  3. first trk... it's killing me... what is this?

  4. big oop to jules. uh uh you my man!... sweet!

  5. @sircamels... Is it really killing you?

    1st track is:

    Actress : Maze
    Off the Splazsh album.

  6. Also worth checking his feature on Electronic Explorations this week, if you're into his music. :)

  7. hmm... not terribly impressed. some really messy mixing then what the hell is going on at the end when the soundstream track just stops dead at 1:22:03 and then restarts another track before being mixed in the 2nd time. a retake he forgot to re-edit? very very odd if intentional. sounds awful... rest of the mix has some good tracks but bit higgledy piggledy all ooover the place for me and that end error and mixing is poop!
    sorry October fans...


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