Tuesday, June 26, 2012

mnml ssgs mx fnl - morphosis (extended version)

Last week, as part of our fnl series, we presented the first hour of a recent Morphosis DJ session at Panorama Bar. The decision to provide just the first segment was to focus on the way Morphosis introduced the night and give what we think is an excellent example of how much breadth and space is possible in a live DJ set. We felt it was really important to present it in this way, but the big problem with our decision was that it meant everybody missed out on the remaining 2 hours, which are unsurprisingly awesome. Lucky for all of us Rabih suggested maybe we should also share the full 3 hour version... So now you can hear where he takes the crowd after that amazing introduction. Things head more to the dancefloor but throughout it retains that powerful, uncompromising attitude that defines Morphosis' approach. The results are exhilarating and captivating. Lock yourselves in for a ride. This one is a beauty.

Quite a few people were asking about the track at the 52 minute mark of the mix, and it happens to be the new EP by Metasplice on Morphine records. It is now available with the 'TIP!' stamp of approval from Hardwax. Huge thanks to Rabih for the full version of this recording. Enjoy.

Monday, June 25, 2012


Terre Thaemlitz has recently released his mega-project, 'Soulnessless'. As Terre put its, 'Over 31 hours of audio. Over 80 minutes of video (per language). Over +150 pages of text and images in English alone. This is a fuckload of data...'. Indeed. I have only just begun scratching its surface. If there is one thing you can be sure of with Terre Thaemlitz is that she won't make things easy for you. And that is precisely why we need artists like this - there are not people willing to constantly challenge us and push us outside of our comfort zone. The main reference point for 'Soulnessless' is religion, and for those who know him through the DJ Sprinkles work, the response to this project might be 'what the fuck does this have to do with house music?'. Anything and everything would be the reply. One does not have to dig very deep to find some of the ways that religious elements have permeated house music. This is hardly surprising - music is unavoidably influenced and shaped by the political, economic, social, cultural, historic contexts in which it is created. House (or techno or whatever genre) is no different in this regard, even if we like to try to pretend our parties can exist in some bubble (but where exactly do you think that coke came from?). Rather than letting us maintain our comfortable habits of maintaining a false detachment that tries to separate us and what we do / are / consume etc., Terre pushes us to face up to these relationships and interconnections. To re-emphasise, music is certainly not exempt from any of this, which is what PC has tried to explore in different ways over the years on the blog (his interviews with Terre are particularly interesting in this regard - here, here, here and here). So from our perspective, what Terre is trying to do in terms of contextualising the way we understand and engage with music is very valuable and necessary. But it is not simply what Terre is doing, it is also how she does it: 'Soulnessless' is brave, challenging, provocative, thoughtful and thoroughly worthwhile. This is certainly something that will not be for everyone, but I think it is a project quite a few of our readers will be interested in. If you want more info, head over to 'Soulnessless' homepage and also check this recent interview with Terre at The Quietus. And you can get a copy of 'Soulnessless' directly through the Comatonse recordings shop.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

July Sound Garden

Thanks to everyone who came down to WWW last night. It was lots of fun. We really enjoyed taking over the lounge. Next month we are back at our usual home Orbit. You can expect the same as always - quality music for relaxing and plenty of friendly faces. We'll be having some guests in July, but you'll have to come down to find out who they are. Details for the party are:

Sound Garden - July party

Sunday 22 July 2012
16:00 - 23:00
Bar Orbit, Sangenjaya

Residents: David Dicembre / Jelomu / Chris + guests

Keep an eye on our twitter for more info. Hope to see you there!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Morphosis tracklist

Rabih kindly put together a bit of a tracklist for his recording from Panorama Bar. As you can see, he played an impressively broad and inspired selection of records.

In no particular order:

Untitled dance of the resonance
Pink Floyd - a Saucerful of secrets [Fame]
Metamono - Metahaze [Ho.hum]
Stinkworx - Swfysu [Indische Buurt]
Conrad Schnitzler - Live 72 [Further]
Enema Syringe - Därför Måste Jag Försova Mig [Ufo Mongo]
Madteo - Dooom Basrelief [promo]
Sunn o))) meets Nurse With Wound - Ash On The Trees [Ideological Organ]
Keith Fullerton Whitman - Issue Generator (for Eliane Radigue) [Editions Mego]
Jack DeJohnette - Picture 2 [ECM]
Untitled drum pattern
Hieroglyphic Being - 1763 MHZ [promo]
Ben Vida - Ssseeeeiiiiii [PAN]
Metasplice - Bohrium Slunk [Morphine]
Sohrab - Transition [promo/Touch]
Aardvark - Tengenan [Skudge]
Ekoplekz - Neutronik [Public information]

Thanks again to Rabih for sharing this amazing session with us.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

mnml ssgs mx fnl - morphosis

At a time when techno and house music feels like it is choking from everyone being so conservative and constantly playing it safe, we really need people like Morphosis. His music - especially when playing in a live setting - throws caution to the wind. Thinking about the way he plays reminds me a bit of the Swedish chef from the Muppets. But that is not right - there is much more method to Morphosis' madness. The man most definitely knows what he is doing. Where he differs from many of his peers is that he is more willing to take risks, he will experiment, he'll put together sounds and records that shouldn't make sense and see if they work, and he is not going to slavishly follow trends or expectations. This does not necessarily mean the results are going to alienate the listener - check his excellent album, 'What We Have Learned', for an example of how this approach can be channeled into something accessible and workable on the dancefloor. But when Morphosis starts playing, he'll push you, he'll challenge you, and don't expect him to compromise. And this is one of the reasons why we love him.

This recording is the first hour of Morphosis' DJ set to open the Delsin night at Panorama Bar in May 2012. And it is worth keeping this context in mind when listening to it... Before moving things more directly towards rocking the dancefloor, he spent the opening segment of his set pushing and pulling the crowd. And the results are special. He creates a bold, powerful set that educates, engages and enlivens you all at the same time. For PC and myself, this is precisely what we need more of - music that expects more than passive acceptance, music that demands your attention. Quite simply, what the ssgs want is 'more fucked up chaos' and this is precisely what you get from Morphosis. Beautiful, exciting, entertaining, fucked up chaos. Or as Rabih would say, 'pure madness'...

For more info about Morphosis, check his label hompage and his artist page at Octopus Agents. 'The TEPCO Report' EP on Morphine from earlier this year is a beauty, as is the new remix EP on his Redose sublabel, with reworks from Dozzy and Hieroglyphic Being. The next Morphine record is a very exciting one, coming from the previously unknown Metasplice and is on a roughly similar vibe to the Container LP on Spectrum Spools last year. We have talked here before about the kind of exciting links and fusions (real and potential) along these lines, with 'outsiders' from the noise scene and elsewhere making more techno orientated records. It is interesting, and perhaps not very surprising, to see Morphosis being one of the people to lead the way in exploring these possibilities... Our great thanks to Rabih for providing us with a recording that gives such a clear demonstration of what we would like to hear more of in contemporary techno and house music. Enjoy.

Monday, June 18, 2012

when present is past, and past is... past?


really feels like new music is ending:

the number of re-issues, re-discoveries, and 'amazing lost classics' just continues to burgeon.



i have been thinking about this... and it is cool, but what i don't like is that there are not many people who are then using these re-discoveries creatively. how can they help us rethink about music now? not everything demdike does is spot on, but at least they are trying to do that. it has to be about more than just playing cool forgotten 80s records...



exhausted/exhausting post modernism.

There is no vision of the future.

Even commitment to modernism now strikes people as romantic, and/or has to be re-asserted reactively in relation to the strictures of pastiche and nostalgia.

I think 'media' in the broadest sense have a huge role to play here.

Think of the time/space involved.

'Nommos' spends years as a virtually unknown and genuinely neglected masterpiece; now we just DL it, and it circulates, and in six months everyone has eked all its energy out, and they're already on to Jean Piche or whoever the next 'one' is.

People really are music 'users' now, I think. They squeeze the juice out of recordings like juice out of a prima, then they dump it for the next one.

'Cos there's always a next one.

Thus there's no time for reverence.

We know how to escape this, but for most people it's so much easier to be lazy.

'here's three hours of svreca'

(can you imagine how monumental a 3 disc DJ mix would have been in the 90s, and how much people would have pored over it?)

'hey, can we have FLAC?'

...so this is the thing: people are madly trying to find scarcity.

They are mining and mining and mining until they bring up something 'rare'.

But because of the way media circulate as files, nothing is rare, as soon as it is in circulation.

But if you keep it out of circulation, you can't collect social and symbolic capital from knowing about it (before others).

So you put it in circulation, but in doing so, you squeeze it and empty it out.

The only solution is not to record...

...but then no one knows about you...

...what a weird confluence, no?


one thing about nommos, though, is i am not sure how it became 'known'. i guess sharing on a blog for obscure music led to a quiet repressing.


it didn't get a proper repress. it got a dodgy unofficial one. it used to be on discogs, but it appears they have even removed it.

so because it was a dodgy repress this meant it escaped the boomkat mailout which always attends every special repress... and so we all missed it, we were not informed about this 'must have' 'limited edition' 'lost treasure' from 'the archives'. except for a few people who hunted it down, or discovered it by chance, either on discogs or in stores. and for the rest of us, it remained forgotten.


boomkat strikes back! how did this repress become more 'known'? raime had it in their top 10 chart for 2011. where? yep. at boomkat. and so the circle is complete. at least until the next 'unearthed gem'.


postscript: about two hours after this conversation, i (chris) made an order through boomkat. of the seven purchases, two were reissues. one was described as: '...the result of almost two years spent trawling through the archive in an attempt to piece together a coherent document of one of the most pioneering and genuinely experimental characters in electronic music history'. the other: 'incredible archival electronic experiments recorded in 1984-1987'. time to start squeezing again. at least until the next mailout...

Svreca tracklist

Here is the tracklist for Svreca's immersive mix. As PC said, so much is about the way he plays the records, and the narrative he constructs. If you haven't got the mix yet, I really recommend downloading it and putting aside 200 minutes:

Fumio Hayasaka - Interlude
Thomas Köner - Tiento Para El Alma
Ben Frost & Daníel Bjarnason - Unbreakable Silence
Eleh - Woven Over
Roly Porter - Giedi Prime
Haswell & Hecker - Kanal GENDYN (extract)
Esplendor Geometrico - Japo (Andreas Tilliander Remix)
Ekoplekz - Dromilly Vale
William S Burroughs - Burroughs Called The Law
Pogrom - Pogrom 4
Harmonia & Eno - By The Riverside (Appleblim & Komonazmuk Remix)
Senking - Black Ice
Various - Untitled
Raime - The Three Chambers Of Our Entities
Popul Vuh - Cobra Verde (Mika Vainio Remix)
Svarte Greiner - Baandspiller I Solnedgang
Atom ™ - Winterreise
Miles - Primer
TV Victor - 130509 (Tobias Freund Edit)
Onmutu Mechaniks - Phospor (Norman Nodge Remix)
Pole - Silberfisch (The Mike Huckaby Synth Remix)
Morphosis - Impulse
Wincent Kunth - Promise
The Traveller - A100
Peter van Hoesen - Axis Mundi
Function - Inter
Cio Dor - Wasserkraft
Rrose - A, With All Faces Bleached Out
Edit Select - Surface To Air (Lucy Remix)
Surgeon - As You Breathe Here Now
Sandwell District - Feed Forward Test Session (Recorded Live In Berlin - 23/10/2010)
Abdulla Rashim - Untitled From Asayita
Factory Floor - A Wooden Box
Wincent Kunth - Sinking
Sigha - How To Disappear
Shifted - Telic
Abdulla Rashim - Untitled From Weldiya
Battles - Inchworm (Silent Servant Remix)

The next in the mx fnl series will be dropping shortly.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Summer dreaming on 23/6

This coming Saturday 23 June we are taking Sound Garden from its normal location and moving it to WWW. We'll be providing the soundtrack for most of the night in the lounge at WWW for the next Frue party, which features Demdike Stare (live) and Terre Thaemlitz (DJ) in the main room. In the 2nd room OSG will be covering a few hours (while we are dancing), but for the rest of the night, it'll be myself, David Dicembre, Dave the silent ssg and Jelomu providing the beats.

The first Frue night in March with Svreca was one of the best parties Tokyo has seen in 2012, and I am really looking forward to this one. I have been hearing some excellent reports about Demdike Stare's live show, and Terre can always be relied upon for a quality DJ set. WWW is a relatively new venue with interesting potential, and great sound, so the basic ingredients are present. Hope to see you there. More info at Frue, basic details are:

Frue presents A Midsummer Night's Dream
Saturday 23 June at WWW
Main: Demdike Stare (live), DJ Sprinkles, Inner Science, Yusaku Shigeyasu
Lounge: OSG, Sound Garden DJs

And if you are looking for something to do before the Frue party, I am also going to be DJ'ing at an ambient / chill out party on the Saturday afternoon / evening at Solfa in Naka-Meguro. It is a nice little club with good sound. Glad to see more events like this taking place. I think I shall be doing a set with warmer synth sounds for this party. Well, that is the idea at this stage...

The lineup and rest of the details are in the flyer above, and for more info check Re:ception, as well as the facebook event page.

Looking forward to playing at both of these parties. Glad summer has finally arrived in Japan. Time for some fun!

Bee Mask in Melbourne, today! (ssg reterritorialization alert)

Hello queens, drones, workers and other personae within the colony,

just a very quick one for all the Melbourne livin' peeps, to either inform or remind:

Bee Mask is playing in Melbourne this evening at Gasometer, with David Shea and Angel Eyes.

Tickets/info is available here and here. Venue opens 7.30pm... I think this is one to get there early for. Unless something has changed radically, Gasometer does pretty good Mexican.

I'll be there doing my bee dance, hope to see some of you. Chris' music is seriously some of the most powerful and interesting out there.

If you never checked it, have a listen back to our ssg special.
For me this is one of the exciting gigs of the year so far.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

mnml ssgs mx fnl - svreca

Ssgs have been blessed over the years with some incredible generosity of spirit: on the part of the listeners and readers, who have indulged my (PC's) word play and manic punctuation, as well as really given the many great mixes their due. And, of course, when we do consider the mixes ssgs have hosted, we need to think more than anything about the generosity of spirit of our artists, the people who take the time and energy to actually put all this music together for 'us', wherever and whoever we are. In a (first) world of divided attention, interrupting distraction and hungry/needy/content monsters, many of the mixes we've presented require you to suspend yourself, to enter into them, and just go with the flow. This is the challenge and the reward: you can accumulate folders full of mp3s like there's no tomorrow (and perhaps there is); you can tab browse and hyperlink yourself into a paralysis of reference…(but what will you have learned?) but really, the greatness of the medium, here, what's amazing about long mp3 mixes, mixes that CDs can't do (don't forget that) is that you have to really sit down and listen to all of it, in its entirety, from start to finish. Give yourself to it, and it will give itself to you: this is how I would frame what Svreca has done for us.

Chris and I have been pestering Svreca for a mix for a while now. To look at his tracklists (as on this still amazing mix of his from 2010), on first glance he sits in the sound spectrum played by, well, a lot of post-Sandwell techno cats. But first glances and tracklists can be very misleading. And Svreca is really doing something else with this material - I would really maintain this. The tracklisting and programming just has that little bit more care and thought in it, and I can't help but think his ear is exceptionally good, better than many. But it's the way it plays out in the mix that really makes Svreca excellent, for me. It sounds redundant to say of a DJ that he or she is intuitively rhythmic (it should go without saying): nonetheless, Svreca is outstandingly good at building pace, maintaining momentum, but also keeping a live, looseness to his mixing. He can also really throw it down. It grows and builds in a way that is spry, but also can be very powerful in a supple way that is often surprising and effortless. We love Svreca's approach and think he should be regarded as one of the DJs to really have arrived in the last few years with his own 'something to say' and his own inimitable way of saying it.

You need to take your time with this one… put the kettle on, make a cup of tea, but also consider reserving for yourself a 'phone a friend' function, and maybe having a bottle of something much, much stronger on hand for when things really start to get monster… you'll know what to do.

Tracklist to follow. For more information on Svreca, check his booking page at Apelago, and for his label, there is the Semantica homepage and bandcamp. Thanks to Enrique for the time and effort he put towards creating this mix.

Saturday, June 9, 2012


Pye Corner Audio has been getting some well deserved attention due to Tape putting out 'Black Mill Tapes Volumes 1 & 2' on vinyl. Volume 3 is available through bandcamp and equally worthy of purchase. In addition to these releases, I have found myself returning to this live recording of PCA from February 2012, which is just as enjoyable. It also works as an excellent introduction, if you haven't yet heard anything from PCA. Well worth a listen.

   Live At The Outer Church February 2012 by Pye Corner Audio

I'd post this tomorrow as a 'Sunday Sounds', but I'll be travelling, so here it is a bit early. Just consider it some appropriate weekend listening. More soon.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

mnml ssgs mx fnl - donato dozzy

This may sound strange to readers in the northern hemisphere, but every year in June I go to ground. It’s the log cabin feeling, a desire not so much to hibernate as to really hunker in my bunker, settle in my own private log cabin.

Over the past three years or so, this yearly inclination has been cast in relation to music in general, and house and techno in particular. I keep wanting to get back beyond the contemporary, behind what I’d taken my archive to be: somehow the inclination to hunker down typically goes hand in glove for me with a desire to get to the roots of the music. And this has been intensified by the fact that, as we just announced, Chris and I have decided to end our mix series for good.

What are the roots of house and techno? We know the stock answers; I know they’re not good enough. We have to go further, think harder, look a bit deeper.

Two and some years ago, I speculated about this: house/techno might emerge and take place in relation to a space; it might take place in relation to a tradition, whether rooted in hedonism, worship, or ritual; or it might take place in relation to a social context… these days it seems we’re desparately trying to locate and stake out spaces and traditions, but of course a key part of the reason for this, what motivates it, deep down, is that the social context is dominant. And the dominant social context is the internet. And the internet is dominating and overdetermining the spaces and the traditions, soaking them up, para-siting them, to the point where electronic music is just something, maybe, you download and comment on. Then I read this piece, and found out that, well, it's happening to another 'industry'...

I think I can speak for many of us when I say that this is something a bit sad, something that gives you the sense that ‘there is no one to talk to’, nowhere to go. But it’s moments like these when we do hunker down and take stock, reflect, and try to re-locate spaces and traditions for the music we love so much. These are also the moments where inspiration, where new movements, really come from.

Dozzy has offered us this mix as a way to do that. It’s a way to get back something or get back to something… was it something we ‘had’? Was it something there ‘was’, or was it just something we remember? All Dozzy said was:

‘voodoo forever’

Our deepest thanks to Donato for putting this together for us, as well as the other mixes he has contributed to mnml ssgs over the years.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012


After approximately 4 years of doing mixes we will shortly be bringing them to an end. It is time. When we did our first mix with Bvdub in April 2008, we announced our intentions in the following terms:

"What we are trying to do is to showcase artists that are really exciting and interesting us. The point is not just to slap a mix up, but for this series (like the blog as a whole) to be a medium for promoting DJs and producers that we feel people should be listening to. The mandate we've given to those that have agreed to do a mix is simply to express themselves and their music: to use the mix to tell us who they are and what they are about."

We identified two things we hoped to do: (1) introduce new sounds and names, and (2) present mixes that have a timeless quality to them.

On the whole, we feel that we have managed to stay true to our original intentions. We certainly exceeded all our expectations with what we hoped to do with the mixes. During this time we have been incredibly lucky to present a diverse array of interesting, exciting and high quality mixes across a relatively wide spectrum of music. We have been very fortunate to have contributors that have constantly put in considerable time, effort, love and care into creating special, lasting mixes. We have also benefited greatly from an audience that has trusted our judgment, and has been willing to follow us in the different directions we have gone with the mixes. And none of this would have been possible - at least in the way it took shape - without the ongoing support of official.fm. We have been working with official.fm almost since the beginning, and they have helped us tremendously. In that time, our mixes have - in total - been downloaded more than 592,000 times (according to official.fm stats). For us this is a really amazing figure... We are incredibly grateful for official.fm's unwavering support and provision of an excellent service that has allowed us to share all of these mixes with you. We wish them the best of luck with the launch of their new platform. While we will be finishing the mixes, we plan to keep the archive online and encourage you to revisit the diverse range of mixes we have had over the years. We stand by all of the mixes we have presented, and we hope that collectively they might serve as a worthy document and resource that reflects one interpretation of electronic music between 2008 - 2012.

In the coming 2-3 weeks we will be presenting a series of final mixes from a number of old and new contributors. Each mix - and the person that made it - we feel talks in important ways to what we have tried to do with the mixes we have hosted on mnml ssgs, and where we think electronic music is - and crucially - should be headed. Normally we space the timing of our mixes out a bit more, but these will be presented in relatively short succession. We strongly encourage you to spend time with these final mixes. Each deserve considerable attention, and all reward multiple listens. We leave them as the final statement of what we have tried to do with the mixes we have presented on mnml ssgs.

We would like to again express our deepest thanks to all the artists that have contributed mixes over the years, and to all of you for listening. We will post the first of the final mixes in the coming days.

PC and Chris

Monday, June 4, 2012

Rødhåd tracklist

If you haven't checked our most recent mix from Rødhåd, perhaps seeing the tracklist might entice you to do so. A quality contribution that is worth spending time with.

01. 00.00 : Likjuvarnas Natt by Rasmus Hedlund (from the Album "Främjande av Ljud" released on Ljudverket 2010)

02. 04.09 : Untitled by Thomas Köner (from the Album "Nunatak Gongamaur" rereleased on Type Recordings 2010)

03. 07:32 : Untitled (from the LP Compilation "I Remember The First Time I Heard Your Voice" compiled by D*I*R*T*Y Sound System 2010 not on Label)

04. 10:27 : Muistetun palaava taajus by Ø (from the Album "Oleva" released on Sähkö Recordings 2008)

05. 13:45 : Moogetique by Klaus Schulze (from the Album "Bodylove" released on Island Records 1977)

06. 17:11 : Industrial and Provident, We Unite to Assist Earch Other by Jóhann Jóhannsson (from the Soundtrack "the Miners Hymns" released on FatCat Records 2011)

07. 18:54 : The Sophic Putrefaction by Infinite Light Ltd. (from the Album " Infinite Light Ltd." released on Denovali Records 2011)

08. 22:41 : New Beginning (Tidal Darkness) by Deaf Center (from The Album "Owl Splinters" released on Type Recordings 2011)

09a.27:55 : Patina II by Tim Catlin & Machinefabriek (from "Patina" released on Low Point 2011)

09b.32:30 : Come into the Garden by Nick Drake (from Family Tree released on Sunbeam Records 2007)

10. 33:58 : Killshot by Ben Frost (from the Album "by the Throat released on Bedroom Community 2009)

11. 39:18 : Resonating Red by Yves De Mey (from the Album "Counting Triggers released on Sandwell District 2011)

12. 42:41 : Fagjazz study for 12 mode sources and 6 additions (remixed by Terre Thaemlitz) by John Cage (from the Sampler "Enjoy the Silence Vol.2 compiled by Toshiya Kawasaki released on Mule Electronics 2011)

13. 51:21 : Monophaser 2 by Alva Noto (from the Album "Xerrox Vol.2" released on Rasta Noton 2009)

14. 54:36 : Teh Meh, Teh Meh by Dadavistic Orcestra (from the Album "Dokument.02" released on Dust Science Recordings 2011)

15. 58:49 : The Waterloop by Simon Scott (from "Traba" released on Immune Recordings 2010)

16. 61:24 : Butterfly Caught by Massive Attack (from the Album "100th Window" released on Virgin Music 2003)

Back soon with some very serious heat...

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Saturday Night Fever, some time later...

Tony: Mr Fusco, can I have an advance?

Mr Fusco: Payday is Monday.



Tony: I know, but every place else

pays on Friday or Saturday.



Mr Fusco: And they're broke on Monday. Booze,

whores, pissing away their money.



This way you've got money all week.

You can save for the future.



Tony: Fuck the future!

Mr Fusco: No, Tony, you can't fuck the future.



The future catches up with you, and it

fucks you if you haven't planned for it.



Tony: Tonight is the future, and I'm planning

for it. There's a shirt I have to buy...



Mr Fusco: Sorry, Tony. No exceptions.



Tony: Just wait until you need

an advance, bigshot!

Friday, June 1, 2012

Chill out on Sunday!

It has been a while since our last party, but Sound Garden is happening again this Sunday 3 June at Orbit. Our special guest is one of the resident DJs of The Labyrinth, Hiyoshi. He perfectly embodies what our chill out party is about, and we are really happy he will be joining us. We are looking forward to catching up with everyone and enjoying some quality ambient sounds. The details are:

Sound Garden - June party

Sunday 3 June 2012
16:00 - 23:00
Bar Orbit, Sangenjaya


16:00 - 17:45 David
17:45 - 19:30 Jerome
19:30 - 21:15 Hiyoshi
21:15 - 23:00 Chris

I don't know what the others are playing, but for the final slot I am preparing a set of 90s deepspace ambient. Looking forward to it...

And while on the topic of ambient music, the Black Dog have kindly made available a beatless version of 'Witches Ov'. I've played this one at Orbit before actually, I think it is perhaps my favourite Black Dog track. I strongly recommend downloading it:

Anyway, for those in Tokyo, please come down and join us on Sunday for what is sure to be another fun evening!