Saturday, June 23, 2012

Morphosis tracklist

Rabih kindly put together a bit of a tracklist for his recording from Panorama Bar. As you can see, he played an impressively broad and inspired selection of records.

In no particular order:

Untitled dance of the resonance
Pink Floyd - a Saucerful of secrets [Fame]
Metamono - Metahaze [Ho.hum]
Stinkworx - Swfysu [Indische Buurt]
Conrad Schnitzler - Live 72 [Further]
Enema Syringe - Därför Måste Jag Försova Mig [Ufo Mongo]
Madteo - Dooom Basrelief [promo]
Sunn o))) meets Nurse With Wound - Ash On The Trees [Ideological Organ]
Keith Fullerton Whitman - Issue Generator (for Eliane Radigue) [Editions Mego]
Jack DeJohnette - Picture 2 [ECM]
Untitled drum pattern
Hieroglyphic Being - 1763 MHZ [promo]
Ben Vida - Ssseeeeiiiiii [PAN]
Metasplice - Bohrium Slunk [Morphine]
Sohrab - Transition [promo/Touch]
Aardvark - Tengenan [Skudge]
Ekoplekz - Neutronik [Public information]

Thanks again to Rabih for sharing this amazing session with us.

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  1. The Aardvarck track here is "Brawa" instead of what's listed:

    I really enjoy this mix. It's different than anything else.


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