Monday, June 28, 2010

labyrinth disk union promo mx: PvH

earlier this year we collaborated with disk union, tokyo's major record store, to produce a promo CDR version of marcel fengler's killer ssg mx. it was such a success that we've decided to do it again, this time also joining forces with the labyrinth crew. i like to think the relationship we've had with labyrinth over the last few years has been symbiotic: we've been very happy to see some of the major artists and sounds mnml ssgs has been supporting appear at labyrinth, while at the same time, the festival has been such a vital source of energy and inspiration for us. without labyrinth, mnml ssgs would look very, very different, that's for sure. so we are super happy to be doing this collab together.

leading up to the labyrinth in september, disk union will be featuring a series of special promo CDRs of mnml ssgs mixes from artists playing at the festival this year. people who purchase a ticket for labyrinth, or spend 4000 yen or more on music from labyrinth artists will receive a copy of the mix. there will be mixes from different artists. first up is our good friend, peter van hoesen. the CDR is a remastered, lossless version of his mnml ssgs mx09. for me, at least, this is one of the very best and most important in the series. and it still sounds as fresh and essential as ever. it is not as if you needed any incentive to buy your labyrinth tickets, so consider this a little bonus for signing up to the best couple of days of techno to take place this year...

PvH's mx is now available at disk union shibya. for more info, check disk union here. and keep an eye out, this is just the start. the other CDRs are going to be just as hot...


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