Friday, June 18, 2010


been going back to my roots lately and listening to a lot of electro again after a pretty long break from these sounds. and i'm really loving it... this mix appeared recently and fits in perfectly with my mindset. plenty of old tracks i absolutely love and have unfortunately lost (i have them on CDs somewhere in my parent's house in australia. i think). this is a killer mix of old school hip hop and electro beats. important not to forget these sounds... i might be wrong but it seems like one difference between people discovering electronic music now, and maybe 10-20 years ago, is that the hip hop connection is not as strong (saying that, i dont listen to contemporary hip hop so i might be completely mistaken on this). anyway, for me this is all an essential part of the history of techno/electronic music, so it is worth checking out if these sounds are new(ish). and for the rest of us, it is worth revisiting. and i know i am romanticising this time, but it just feels like there is a real purity to  this music, much less cynicism. respect to sheffieldbleep for putting together another killer mix.

the wildstyle mix - sheffieldbleep in association with DJ Tat

Rock Master Scott And The Dynamic Three - The Roof Is On Fire (Club DJ)
Newcleus - Jam On It
In The Bottle
Al-Naafiysh (The Soul)
D.E.F. - Momentum (Hip Hop Mix)
The Wreckin Cru - Surgery (Vocal)
Rock Master Scott And The Dynamic Three - Request Line (Vocal)
Hashim - We're Rocking The Planet
Grandmaster D. ST. & The Infinity Rappers - Grandmaster Cuts It Up (Un-Cut)
Jazzy Jay - Def Jam
Just Ice - Put That Record Back On
Scott La Rock & The Celebrity Three - Advance (Vocal)
Shango - Shango Message
T LA Rock - Bass Machine (Club)
Word Of Mouth & DJ Cheese - King Kut
Symbolic Three Featuring D.J. Dr. Shock - No Show
Steady B - Yo Mutha (Radio Edit)
Skinny Boys - Jockbox (America Loves The Skinny Boys)
CD III - And You Know That
Cold Chillin' In The Spot
Just Ice - Latoya
Skinny Boys - Feed Us The Beat

also, i strongly encourage you to watch this clip from one of my alltime favourite movies, breakin'. this scores very high on the awesome scale. definitely worth searching this one out.


  1. loving these sounds

  2. i really started getting into electro much more lately as techno all new techno is over compressed , copy of a copy , berghain style hits(ofcourse there are some releases here and there). But right now electro is a big part of my days, was cool listening to old stuff and new stuff i never got to listen, like lots of drexciya aliases.. gonna give this a spin

  3. thanks a lot for this chris...this is the sound that made me curious about electronic music, this and roger troutman :D

  4. a great video indeed. while breakin' is a better movie; breakin' 2 electric boogaloo has superior dance scenes. as far as hip hop and dance music are concerned, i think least we forget the hip-house scene from new jersey in the 80/90's before we dig into electro/techno only. great post!

  5. Tahnks for reminding me! >

  6. Here is electrofunk breakdown since 2001.. After 9 years we are still going down in acidboogaloo from the AFX to Mike Parker..going through Squarepusher, BOC, Silicon Scally and going back to Drexciya and UR. Urban dance is following electronic music evolution since the start.. "there's no stopping us" ;) - K

  7. you should never forget about electro. many of the cuts in this mix are regulars in my record box.

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  9. Awesome timing! I am currently in the middle of reading Jeff Chang's "Can't Stop Won't Stop: A History of the Hip Hop Generation".

    This mix will be a lovely soundtrack.


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