Thursday, June 10, 2010

the king

'Artists who go out on a limb, artists that go beyond the point of no return and artists who push things to the very limits of good taste and respectability, I have always found the most heroic.'

'I’m not sure what value we place on Art and Music anymore as it seems to have become just a commodity – we’re exposed to things rather than discovering them. I think there are some very gifted programmers working within music right now, but for me that’s just not enough (or maybe it’s too much). I, like many I’m sure, have been waiting for the next cultural ‘kick up the arse’ for years. I hope someone wakes me up when it happens.'

'I can’t escape my sound, I’m just trying to hone down what I do. The music is just a part of the process…'

'If anyone was looking to make a sound investment – in life, love or art – then I would advise them to buy the lot.'

Thoughts from the mighty Regis in a very rare interview with FACT. I strongly urge you to all go read this now. Someone said to me earlier this year something along the lines of: if people actually knew all the projects Regis has been involved in, everything had done, his name would be at the top, higher than them all... That person is probably not far from the truth. Techno owes Regis a big debt of gratitude. Selfless, principled and visionary. All too rare. Much respect to the King.


  1. Karl O' Connor - Guiltless (Tresor). Hitting the 'gauzy ambience with fierce technoid beats' sound years before Dozzy et al.

  2. more interesting then a lot of other techno interviews out there, free tracks at the end also appreciated


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