Saturday, June 12, 2010

defying gravity

the final statement (for now) from one of the most important contributors and innovators in techno music. like all their previous work, this is totally essential. if you haven't yet discovered pan sonic, it is not too late. the new album, 'gravitoni', is as good a place as any to start. you can buy it direct here. no excuses. much respect to pan sonic for all their sonic explorations over the years, and for having the courage to walk away now. uncompromising and wholly unique to the end.


  1. I remember seeing them live at Revolver in Melbourne for What is Music in 1999. It was an intense show with some great visuals of two lines behind them responding to the sounds they were making.

    An uncompromising duo and an important part of electronic music history.

  2. pan(a)sonic is insane...fuckin luv it!! cheers ssg's!

  3. Ditto the fact re the two of them walking away.

    Far too many producers in the electronic field have hung around with little creative output.

    The same cannot be said for Pan Sonic. Every release is just essential.

    First heard Surgeon drop one of the tracks from the Osasto EP at the legendary Orbit in 1996. Mindblowing electronics, and I was hooked.


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