Wednesday, June 2, 2010

research: heinrich mueller

following on from the previous post about zwischenwelt, here is a new mix paying tribute to the musical experiments of heinrich mueller. as noted, mueller is one of the core members of zwischenwelt, and this new project builds on one of the central themes of mueller's work: the interconnection between science and music, or put differently, exploring scientific themes and concepts through the medium of music. for those of you who don't know mueller's remarkable back catalogue, this is an excellent introduction, and for the rest of you, this is a great opportunity to revisit some very special tracks.

vlr - research: heinrich mueller

Der Zyklus - Optical Fingerprint Correlation
Arpanet - NTT DoCoMo
Sébastien Tellier - Kilometer (Arpanet Remix)
Dopplereffekt - Hyperelliptic Surfaces
Arpanet: Großvater Paradoxon
Der Zyklus - Cherenkov Radiation
AIR - Le Soleil Est Pres De Moi (Dopplereffekt Remix)
Arpanet - Event Horizon
Japanese Telecom - Enter Mrs. Suzuki
Station Rose - Dave (Heinrich Mueller: Stanley Kubricks Vision Mix)
Dopplereffekt - Pornoactress
Japanese Telecom - The Making of Ultraman
Tuxedomoon - What Use (Heinrich Mueller Technik Mix)
Japanese Telecom - Nipponese Robots
Dopplereffekt - Scientist
The Hacker - Fadin' Away (Heinrich Mueller Remix)
Arpanet - Probability Densities
Ar2D - Inside The Rock (Heinrich Mueller Anti De Sitter Space Mix)
Japanese Telecom - Mounting Yoko
Der Zyklus - Der Tonimpulstest
ScanX - Wasteland (Prototype 2 by Dr Finn & Otto Henke)
Glass Domain - Fairy
Intellitronic - Pixel
Arpanet - Software Version
Der Zyklus - Formenverwandler
Kavinsky - Arpanet Nightdrive Rework
Le Car - Cinematic Automatic (Heinrich Mueller Remix)
Dopplereffekt - Myon-Neutrino

respect to VLR for this great compilation.


  1. This mix fills a void I didn't even know I had until now. Complete genius, works both as an introduction and as a comprehensive exploration of all the different styles and aliases... mixing is impressively seamless for such varied source material too. Can't wait to hear more from this feature series.

  2. @ andrew: very, very happy to hear this. his work is definitely worth delving into. amazing stuff. a very unique and important artist.

  3. I've been a lurker on this site for a while now and finally just had to post. Hi Everyone! I am struggling to find the right words since it's past my bedtime, but I suppose that might be the best time to listen to electro like this. I've heard quite a few of these tracks on their own or in other mixes but hearing a mix of 100% Heinrich Mueller is just awesome. I've been looking for an electro set to replace my addiction to the Convextion faktion live set that was posted here a (long) while back and I think this one will do just that. Thanks so much for posting this mix!!

  4. Thanks for the mix. However im slightly confused. Heinrich mueller is an alias of Gerald Donald? Im surprised there is no drexciya in the mix.

  5. i also need to stress what an amazing mix this is! wow this is what the term 'electro' once meant. Music straight from a machine/robot!

  6. hi and thanks for the kind words. i felt compelled to post because of what Christos noted - there's no Drexciya in it! it was a difficult choice, but as tough as it was picking out the tunes for this one, throwing the Drexciya canon into this would make it even harder! i feel that Drexciya deserves a mix of its own...

  7. For some reason Drexciya never was my cup to tea... but Elecktroids are missing, too (Electroworld being one of my all time favourite albums)

  8. Thank you so much for this! I'm familiar with Drexciya, Der Zyklus, Dopplereffekt, and Other People's Place (not sure if he was involved in that)...It was great to hear all of these other projects. Well done VLR, this mix is put together quite nicely. Thanks SSGS for continuing to help push music along in all of the right directions!

  9. with your recent gerald donald coverage over here i think it would only be fair to mention
    who have build an extensive database of related info over the past years... anyone who wants to know more about this should definitely check them out!

  10. @ Farrah: thanks for posting that link. yes, they are definitely a fantastic resource for info. definitely not trying to detract from their work at all. strongly recommended.

  11. Amazing compilation of HM tracks... some I didn't even know existed.

  12. Holy cow! Just discovered this....I thought I had most of Gerald's work, apparently not. Thanks a lot for this.

  13. Just found all this MEGA stuff. The Mueller mix is an absolute gem for a start. Thanks! Will be back a lot!
    The Double D x


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