Sunday, May 30, 2010

zwischenwelt tranmission 0

zwischenwelt is a new project involving heinrich mueller, beta evers, susana correia and penelope martin. after working together for a number of years, they will be releasing an album on rephlex in the next month or so. zwischenwelt is a german word that translates approximately as 'in-between world' and this has been the realm they have been exploring in this highly conceptual project. following on the previous work of mueller especially there is a strong focus on exploring the relationship between science and music. in zwischenwelt the focus is on parapsychology, which investigates paranormal psychic abilities using scientific methods. a document provided by zwischenwelt explains more about what parapsychology involves:

"The two main fields of parapsychological research are Psychokinesis, the ability of the mind to influence objects without involvement of currently known physical energies and without physical contact between the acting subject and the reacting object (for example telekinesis and psychic healing) and Extrasensory Perception (ESP), the ability to acquire information by (psychic) sources currently unexplained by science (best known examples are clairvoyance, precognition and telepathy)."

to coincide with the new album on rephlex, we will be having a series of zwischenwelt transmissions, each of which explores the project from a different angle/perspective. we are expecting there to be a visual component, followed by a mix, and an interview. both musically and conceptually zwischenwelt is a project that really interests and appeals to mnml ssgs, and we are very excited about how this collaboration will develop. this will also be unique because it is the first time we are going to present the blog in 2 languages: english and japanese.

to get a better understanding of their sound and aesthetic, here are two videos of zwischenwelt tracks:

for more on zwischenwelt, there are a couple of sources: check the latest issue of 'the wire' for an interview in print, and you can also listen to an audio interview with susana from zwischenwelt, which explains more about the project. zwischenwelt also have facebook and myspace, which are the main sources of information. also, here is a really excellent mix from zwischenwelt member, penelope.

stay tuned...


  1. Been looking forward to hearing the record, and the project in general. This just sweetens the deal. Very nice.

  2. sent this straight to Craig. right up his alley... ambient and beats but with a decidedly forward motion. excellent!


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