Saturday, May 15, 2010

olafur eliasson

just a quick post, one that is not about music, but something i think will be of interest to many ssgs... my trip to berlin the other week luckily coincided with the opening of a new exhibition from one of my favourite artists, olafur eliasson. for those who don't know his work, it is based around light, colour and perception. many of his installations have an interactive component - you are not just looking at a painting, you are relating to his art in a much more direct manner. the picture above is one i took from one of the installations in berlin. basically it is a room with fog in it, and different parts of the space have different coloured lights. walking through the room is a very trippy experience, as you move from colour to colour and back again. i won't say anything else about the other installations he has there, i'll just say that if you are in berlin in the next couple of months, i strongly suggest you go check this exhibition. even if you are someone who doesn't normally bother with visual art, give this one a go. the beauty of much of olafur's work is in its simplicity, grandeur and the way you interact with it. details are:

Innen Stadt Au├čen
Martin-Gropius-Bau, Berlin
28 April - 9 August 2010

you can find more info about olafur eliasson and his projects here.


  1. His exhibition has just finished in Sydney. Def worth checking out.

  2. Here's another article on the experience of his work:

  3. yep, saw his exhibition in Sydney. Can't recommend it enough!

  4. Here is a really great 10 min artist talk by Olafur Eliasson

  5. Hey Chris, was in Berlin last week and checked out the exhibition. The gas room is a really great, immersive experience - a bit like being stuck in a primary coloured Rothko painting. Thought the water/strobe room worked really well too. Thanks for the tip.

  6. This was absolutely brilliant. Loved it all, particularly the shadow rooms, the hose/strobe, the mirror room and the gas room. It was all excellent though, one of the best exhibitions I've ever been to - many thanks for the recommendation!


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