Thursday, May 27, 2010

ssg special - kevin gorman

back with another special, this time from kevin gorman, someone i feel is one of the most under-rated people in techno right now. after producing one of the highlights of the mnml ssgs series last year, this time he has made a more conventional DJ set to mark two important events: a release on ostgut and a tour to japan this weekend. these might be signs that kevin's distinctive, powerful take on contemporary techno is getting more (and much deserved) attention. the ostgut release is one of the exclusive 12"s coming out of the ben klock berghain mix CD, with kevin's '7am stepper' being paired up with a track from another leading UK techno producer, james ruskin. meanwhile, for our friends in japan, kevin is playing an outdoor party about 2 hours outside of tokyo. it is really great to see him over here, part of a steady string of ssg artists that have been making their debuts here in 2010. techno is going from strength to strength in tokyo! as for kevin's mix, you can expect a carefully structured and crafted mix, perfectly suited for SSG tastes.

ssg special - kevin gorman mx
*tracklist will be added in a few days

for more info on kevin, check his myspace and the homepage of his label, mikrowave. the details for his japan party this weekend are:

rural open air festival
date : 12:00 May 29 - 16:00 May 30, 2010
venue : yamanashi pref, japan (2h from tokyo). tamagawa camping area
tickets on the day : \6,000, advance ticket : \5,000
advance ticket is available at:

you can find more info through the mnml ssgs mixi page. and for those of you in europe, keep an eye out for upcoming gigs, including a live performance at berghain on 26 june, along with (i believe) some other ssg artists: marcel fengler and norman nodge. nice...

ok, that's it. enjoy the mix. it's a beauty. big thanks to kevin for this. more heat next week.


  1. great, looking forward to hear this one.
    10XS, as always you never stop surprise us.

  2. Kevin has come up with something really, really special here. From the back end I can say he really spent the extra time, went the extra yard. Very special mix, this...

  3. indeed, this one is really special. i have lost myself while listening. a true gem, from start to finish. thanks!!!

  4. kevin gorman is certainly one of my modern techno heros. his eps are always on my favourite shelf, and his mixes are so great i have had to share with many friends. great to see another mix here and great to hear he's getting a release on ostgut! time to get stuck into this mix...i just know i'm going to love it.

  5. Gee, how good is this ? ! really love the build and restraint. Perfect to go in to the weekend with (along with PVH on Fact). Thanks guys.
    Win !

  6. Thanks for another great one! Looking forward to whatever is released next on Mikrowave!

  7. beauty, this is what should start defining these mix series

  8. Again a great mix, although quite different from his last one. I really like the direction this blog has taken towards even more 'headphone-compatible' techno. Keep up the good work!

  9. PS. props on the whale mating sounds around 26 mins ;)

  10. this is too good...

  11. Incredible mix of solarized ambience and tungsten techno. More linear than his ssgs classic from last year but full of inspired segues nonetheless. Real talent.

  12. exceptional! what a build, much respect!

  13. Hi!

    Tracklist will be added in a few days???

    How many days must we wait to see it????

    Pleaseeee! tracklist!

    thanks a lot


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