Friday, June 4, 2010

new tones

just a quick post about a site and some sounds i've wanted to mention for a while. for those who haven't discovered it yet, pontone is fantastic little corner of the net for finding out more about some really interesting and worthwhile sounds. unlike so many sites (this one included) that are geared around guest mixes, pontone's defining feature is a series of mixtapes they curate exploring a range of different sounds. it is definitely worth having a dig through the archives and checking out the impressive selection they've put together. what i want to highlight in particular is the 'spectral cassettes' series pontone has compiled. for those of you without a cassette player and an eye for obscure labels and limited run releases (like myself), this is the perfect introduction to a particular sound that is only just beginning to reach the surface, with emeralds and oneohtrix point never both releasing albums on editions mego this year. not sure how to properly describe this music, but synths, drones, strong krautrock influences and dreamy ambiance all stuck together to create something pretty magical. give these fantastic mixtapes from pontone a listen to get a feel for what i mean:

pontone - spectral cassettes mixtape vol. 2

pontone - spectral cassettes mixtape vol. 3

pontone - spectral cassettes mixtape vol. 4

[vol. 1 appears to be down.]

also, if you are keen for more, check this short, but very dreamy and beautiful cut from oneohtrix point never on rare frequency radio.

i'd definitely encourage you to give these sounds a go. dave the silent ssg put me onto about half a year ago and i have found that these really fit with where my head has been going. enjoy...


  1. thanks for this new name to me!

  2. Never heard of the Pontone site, but Oneohtrix, Emeralds, and Pulse Emitter are really some of my favorite new sounds for sure. Can't wait to hear these mixtapes (first one seems to be down)... also lately I've been really into Dialing-In which isn't exactly related to these other groups in that it is not synth-driven, but seems to satisfy that same cerebral space with it's droney collaged mesh of sound. I'll also mention that Wierd Records Compilation Vol 2 is full of analogue electronic music that fits somewhere between the Oneohtrix/Emeralds sound and a more synth-pop/minimal wave sound. It's great to see such a strong return to analogue synths!

  3. Nice one. Came across Pontone thanks to Simon Reynolds's Blissblog and all I've heard has been stimulating and well worth a listen, particulary for ambient-heads. Definite hauntological bent too.

  4. about 2/3 of the way through mix number 3 and really enjoying it. thanks! new sounds

  5. thanks for pointing this site out, interesting stuff.

  6. been listening to these a lot over the last few days. sooooo good. thanks again


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