Friday, June 25, 2010

The Labyrinth 2010

The full lineup for The Labyrinth 2010 has been announced:


A Guy Called Gerald [ Perlon, Laboratory Instinct : UK ]
Mathew Jonson [ Wagon Repair, !K7 : Canada ]
Shackleton [ Perlon, Skull Disco, Mordant Music : UK ]
Move D & Jonah Sharp: Reagenz [ Workshop, Source : Germany / US ]
Peter Van Hoesen [ Time to Express, Foton : Belgium ]
Convextion aka E.R.P. [ Matrix, Down Low : US ]


Donato Dozzy [ Aquaplano, Further : Italy ]
Function [ Sandwell District : US ]
Scuba vs SCB [ Hotflush, Sub:Stance, OstGut Ton : UK ]
Marcel Fengler [ OstGut Ton, Berghain Resident : Berlin ]
Peter Van Hoesen [ Time to Express, Foton : Belgium ]
Steffi [ OstGut Ton, Panorama Bar Resident, Klakson, Dolly : Berlin ]
Dj So [ Mindgames, Tri-Bute : Japan ]
Hiyoshi [ Global Chillage, Dakini : Japan ]

This is by far the most coherent and complete lineup I've ever seen for Labyrinth. It quite simply reads like techno perfection. Labyrinth's 'resident' Donato Dozzy is joined by previous favourites Mathew Jonson and PvH. Convextion floored everyone in 2008, last year Function quite simply destroyed the place. Both are back. After an impressive showing last year, Fengler is also returning, this time joined by his Ostgut colleague, Steffi, who will be making her Japan debut. I saw her recently at Panorama. Watch out, this woman can spin... Notable this year is the inclusion of more dubstep sounds with two of the biggest and best names out there - Shackleton and Scuba - appearing. Rounding out the lineup will be Reagenz and A Guy Called Gerald both playing live, as well as local stalwarts So and Hiyoshi. It is scary to think that Move D and Jonah Sharp are not also DJ'ing because there is simply not enough time in the schedule... The is going to be HUGE.

I have been to the last two Labyrinth parties. As I have reported here, both have been truly revelatory experiences for me. Amazing music, a great vibe, a beautiful outdoor setting, the most ridiculous Funktion One system you can imagine (put it this way: it is much, much bigger than what Berghain has), and it all has the added civility of now being during the day and evening. I am expecting this year to be better than last year, which was better than the year before. I know the Labyrinth organiser has put a ridiculous amount of thought and effort into designing the lineup. I think the results speak for themselves. It would be hard for me to imagine a better party.

The Labyrinth will be on 18-20 September (Saturday - Monday). In total, about 35 hours of techno... It is at the same venue as last year: Naeba Greenland, Niigata, Japan. For more info about the party, keep an eye on The Labyrinth website and twitter. We will also be keeping you updated here. And to celebrate, mnml ssgs is again collaborating with Disk Union and Labyrinth to release a number of limited promo CDR mixes of ssg artists playing this year. First up is PvH. More news on that soon...

Tickets are now on sale. Both PC and myself will be going. See you there.


  1. god...

    i wish i had the money to join you guys this year. being laid off and sans-solid gigs for a few months really put a damper on my chances of making it.

    but...i'm going to start saving now for the 11th year.

  2. Are you sure you guys didn't have a hand in making the lineup? :P

    This looks like heaven. The icing on the cake would be Terry Riley, but you take what you can get. One day I'll get there. One day...

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  4. scuba vs. scb??? is it possible to be in the same place at the same time, twice?

  5. What a lineup. Matthew Jonson live is quite an experience. I said I'd go this year given that I'm currently living on this side of the world but I'm gonna have just arrived back from Europe - gutted!

  6. Looks great. Can't wait! A shorter lineup than last year though. Does this mean some longer sets? Or some more acts tba...?

  7. @ dash: this is the full lineup. as far as i know, the party is shorter this year because there aren't as many consecutive public holidays in japan. there is more than enough music there to keep everyone satisfied i think. and definitely no filler...

  8. @ Jonny: if i got it right pauls 2 names (scuba, scb) are simply representin the 2 styles he might/will be playing. scuba is rather dupstep-like whereas scb is rather four-four techno..

  9. Looks pretty damn fine to me ...
    Really looking forward to Reaganz in the sunshine and Fengler and Peter no doubt with later time slots. Shackleton in the early evening (asm guessing) will be wild... Function again yes yes yes. Peter live ... well, he is still my favourite liveact so always excited about that. think Steffi in the daytime will work really well too ... always nice to have a talented girl to shake things up too. SCB too - yip yip yip!

    Only person missing from the line-up for me is Mike Parker who I would have liked to see personally ... gives me an excuse to book him again to Mariana though (as if I need an excuse!!)!!! shame we dont have longer this year but probably better for me anyway! not sure I would have the stamina for another one like last year! was a techno marathon...

  10. Wow, looks extremely smashing that. I'd love to see Reagenz live. I am now officially jealous of all those attending

  11. good god that is an impressive lineup!

  12. Now, the question for all of you is this: why don't you come?

    As I was explaining this to my lady's father last night over dinner, this lineup is Woodstock good, once in a lifetime good...

    ...if you have any assets or children you are not overly attached to, sell them! I doubt you will regret it...

    Refrain: why don't you?

    Well, why don't you?

  13. @ Katha:

    Yeah I figured as much, but I am entirely intrigued to hear that combo flavor.

  14. wish i was there,,, wish i ll be there... who knows? maybe the god of money knows..??!!

    killing line up*
    Function still runs in my mind... as for Shackleton listened to him live in athens.. and feel like he is bringing a sound staight from the future*
    this guy called Gerald,, my my!! hehe
    as for the texas boy.. what could i possibly say, than a perfect techno sound, enbodied in a perfect unconventional mind!

    One Love!

  15. How much are tickets for it?

    Flights aren't too much over $1000 from Melbourne...

  16. @PC- I like the Woodstock comparison. Maybe Monterey Pop would be even more accurate.

    I think I can say without equivocation that (on paper, at least) this is the single greatest festival lineup I have ever seen in my entire life. Talk about no filler.... yeesh......

    If I had a car, I would sell it in order to be Nihon-bound for this.

  17. I can honestly say that if I had to be locked up for the rest of the year as long as I could keep going to Labyrinth my life would be full & I would have the inspiration I need to continue doing what I do. I cant emphasize more how much you will all enjoy this mainly just really damn relaxed, but sometimes intense festival. I dont even like to call it a festival because it is so much more than what we have come to expect from one. Labyrinth is its own world... you just gota experience it, with 3/4 days before it if you take a week off work you got a holiday of a lifetime and if anyone needs help with things to do before like visit temples in Kyoto or sun themselves on the beach in Izu feel free to drop me a line.

    Imagine this for 6 hours on the best system you have ever heard bar none ... and Dozzy just the closer (Guessing he will be again this year)!

  18. Great line ups for those who want to dance seriously. I'm in Tokyo. I'll definitely go there, If I get a stuff to take, but it seems hard to get it,,,


    Anyone has an idea of which tracks E.R.P is playing over here?


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