Wednesday, June 9, 2010

record round up

Some more stuff I've been enjoying recently:

Keith Worthy - Moments In Rhythm Vol 2: Absolutely killer release. All 3 tracks on this EP are great.

June - June01: Reminds me a bit of stuff from Donnacha Costello's Colour series days. Old school, warm vibe. Don't like the A side so much, but the two tracks on the B are lovely. Nothing amazingly new but good sounds done well.

Drexciya - Neptune's Lair: Absolute classic remastered and reissued. If you missed it the first time, get it now because this shit is absolutely essential. Few artists come even close to achieving what these guys did. Electronic music doesn't get better than Drexciya.

ArD2 - 2084 The Mixes: Staying on a similar tip, this is some really nice pure electro. It includes a remix from Heinrich Mueller, an artist you'll continue to hear more about on ssgs as we continue explore the new zwischenwelt project he is involved in.

Nuel - Aquaplano Ltd 01: After many problems with pressings, this EP is finally out. Like the other Aquaplanos, this has a great balance between deeper tripping techno and carefully crafted ambient. Quality stuff from a thoroughly under-rated artist. If you missed nuel's ssg mix, make sure to check it - one of my personal favourites from the series.

Space Dimension Controller - Journey to the Core of the Unknown Sphere: There has been a bit of a buzz around this record and with good reason. All the original cuts are very nice, but the standout is definitely the Kyle Hall remix. Very, very impressive. The Hall remix is probably one of my favourite tracks from 2010 so far.

Music From Mathematics Vol. 4: Ashamed to say I've only properly discovered Mathematics reasonably recently, but better late than never. This EP is exactly what you'd expect from this label: raw, gritty house jams. Great.

Pale Blue Sky - Shades Of Grey: Lovely release on Arbor by label boss, Mike Pollard. I have closely followed the advice provided on the sleeve: 'intended for listening at a modest volume in a quiet room.'

V/A - Earth Tones: This is worth buying just for the Move D track, 'Aspiration 2010'. Best thing I've heard from him in a while.

And a few CDs:

Subway - Subway II: Bit slow on discovering this, but PC put me onto this recently and I am glad to have found it. Fantastic krautrock inspired synth jams. There are some real beauties on this album.

Jeff Mills - The Occurrence: Probably the best thing Jeff has done in a long time. The hybrid vinyl/CD format is pretty stupid, but besides that it is a seriously impressive release. It is a mix CD of his own material in the vein of 'Sleeper Wakes' and 'Something in the Sky'. Advanced spacey techno at its very best.

Dj Sprinkles - Deeperama mix series: These have flown under the radar (as much of Terre's best stuff does), but definitely worth getting hold of. A series of live recordings of Dj Sprinkles in action, which you can buy direct from the source. Do I need to tell you how good they are? No, you can probably guess.

I'm sure there is other stuff, but that'll do for now. I have a huge pile of promos I need to make my way through, so there is plenty here I know i've missed out on. Will try to keep doing these kinds of posts more regularly...


  1. Solid list there Chris, cannot get enough of Nuel's Aquaplano Ltd 01 vinyl recently. Really need to check out the Mills release though...but cant face that hideous import cost :O

  2. Yeah, both sides of the Nuel one are killer.

  3. Subway did a fanastic Fact Mag mix around the time of the release of that album

    d/l link is still active if you're interested.


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