Sunday, June 13, 2010

sunday sounds: penélope

it has been quite a while since i've posted a mix on a sunday, and this is probably a bit different from what i might usually share on this day of the week, but now is a good as time as any - quality music sounds good every day... this is a new mix from penélope, a spanish DJ and producer doing some really interesting work. she is part of the zwischenwelt project that we've been featuring on mnml ssgs. listening to this mix, it is clear penélope has pretty impeccable taste. the tracklist reads looks like a menu of techno purism. and that works just fine with me...

atmosphere by penélope

penélope has also been involved in a project called ArD2, which conceptualises in musical form orwell's classic '1984'. you can hear a number of tracks from it here in this mix. also, there recently was a remix EP from the project, which i strongly suggest tracking down. for more info on penélope, check her myspace. we'll have more on zwischenwelt as the project comes to fruition on rephlex.

thanks to penélope for the mix. have a good sunday people...


  1. i like the way the tracklist is.

  2. loved the one you offered from here with the zwischenwelt post. not same right? no, the other one os more ambient and dreamy... would be hard to beat but will give this a listen to! love hearing numbers in mixes...

  3. can't wait to listen!!!

    thank you so much mnml ssgs


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