Friday, July 2, 2010

friday fun

ridiculously fresh and well put together mix from jackmaster put together for the allez-allez crew. jack is one of the core members of the numbers collective in glasgow, who are doing some very interesting things these days. like with much of their stuff, in this mix, jackmaster manages to keep on the tasteful side of mash up and creates some energizing hybrid funk. and anyone who can fit janet jackson and drexciya in the same mix deserves props in my books.

mastermix by jackmaster

ciara ­- 1, 2 step
ralph rosario - you used to hold me (beats)
ralph rosario ­- you used to hold me
missy elliot ­- ??? instrumental (that one that samples cybotron)
hollertronix ­ - control
destiny’s child - lose my breath (serge santiago remix)
some baile funk riddim
mia ­- pull up the people (davinche remix)
various production ­- i’m really hot
girls on top - i wanna dance with numbers (best mash up ever)
chaka khan ­- i feel for you
janet jackson ­- pleasure principle (remix)
jimmy edgar - my beats
another baile funk thing
lidel townsell ­- i’ll make you dance
alden tyrell - ???
dj funk - ???
drexciya ­ - water walker
dexter ­- mr. blunt
tok tok - ???
dj godfather & coon daddy - ???
mr oizo - stunt?

respect to allez-allez and jackmaster for this.

*edit* another super enjoyable mix from jackmaster. this one is equally awesome and includes a couple of my all time favourite records:

jackmaster - tweak-a-holic mix 1 

Fatima Yamaha – What’s a Girl To Do
Pointer Sisters – Automatic
College Club – College
Rhythm talk – City Street
Todd Terje – Eurodans
Klein & MBO – Dirty Talk
Loud-E – Roboterwerke Edit
Ralphi Rosario – You Used To Hold Me
Alexander Robotnick – Problemes D’Amour
52nd Street – I Can’t Let You Go
Joyce Sims – All And All
Rick James – Ghetto Life
Sir Mix A Lot – I Got Game
Shannon – Let The Music Play
Colonel Abrahms – Trapped
Two Sisters – B Boys Beware



  1. i wanna dance with numbers really is the best mash-up ever.

  2. good choice! btw talking about mixes done for allez allez i have to say that this prins thomas one is utter genius

  3. the Alden Tyrell track is Rendezvous At Rimini, I love the way it's mixed with I'll make you dance and that Dj Funk track! So good! I'm not really a big fan of mash-up mixes usually, but this is a goodie. The Tweak-a-holic mix looks even better from the tracklist...going to listen to it next. I love the friday fun mixes!

  4. the tweakaholic mix is excellent...

  5. chris, liking any deadboy mixes? check out his xlr8r mix if you haven't yet.


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