Saturday, July 17, 2010

theo, maurice & fun in tokyo

just a quick post about a party i am super super excited about going to this weekend. only a couple of months after he was last here, maurice fulton is back playing at the liquid room, this time with theo parrish. nice! maurice fulton is one of my favourite DJs and producers. he is seriously under-rated, one of the best in the business, as far as i'm concerned. his sets jump effortless between his trademark percussives and killer disco and house. last time he even finished with janet jackson (and made it work). i'm yet to see theo parish, but very interested to, as i've heard great reports about his DJ sets. also this gig is at the liquid room, easily my favourite venue in tokyo, if not the world (yes, i think
i like it more than berghain). so i'm expecting it to be a great night. for all our tokyo readers, i strongly suggest coming along (remember that monday is a public holiday). i constructed this formula to help explain:

maurice fulton + theo parrish + liquid room = fun

hope to see you there!


  1. It's going to be the best night ever!!! I don't know for Fulton's performance, but Theo Parrish can burn down a dance floor in no time!

  2. Holy cow! I'm going to be flying in to Tokyo from DC at 3PM on Sunday, if I'm not too jetlagged I will definitely be there. This is almost too good to miss

  3. @ azarbayejani: have a nap in the afternoon and come down! here is the info for where the liquid room is:

    just near ebisu station on the yamamote line. easy to get to.

  4. I have been lucky to hear both Theo Parrish and Maurice Fulton play in both small and large crowd situations. Parrish will have no problem confusing the f#!k out of an audience and yet making them dance like they've never danced before. Don't be surprised to hear him start with mambo, veer through James Brown, dub techno, Herbie Hancock, Steve Reich, and end with the goddamn Wu-Tang Clan. Fulton I didn't feel was as approachable and preferred to distance himself from the audience, but he was an impeccable selector and new how to make interesting combinations. Have fun!

  5. i've seen both (theo parrish twice) and they both were very, very amazing. living right in the middle of nowhere, it has been quite a long time since i've attended a club night with theo parrish but i still remember that very night when he was twisting and turning the knobs, beating it up with disco boogie tunes like "rare essence - disco fever" (, garnished with a handful of detroit house / techno tracks and jazz-fusion tunes from the likes of hugh masekela & co. he worked out the shape of the groove, producing a sort of education-entertainment atmosphere. maurice fulton instead was concentrated on a more educational aspect of the night with a scintillating and seductive track selection ranging from metallic cold stripped down to the core-tracks, dfa-like tunes, cheesy italo disco and krauty material - not so many of his own tunes, and not those ready-to-kill-the-floor-tracks, but a brilliant showcase of his musical influences and roots. two different approaches to bring you closer to the music, but both honestly blew my mind off. would love to see them perform together.

  6. I might crawl out of the Tokyo woodwork for this one. Hope to (maybe) see you guys there.

  7. It was such a great night !!!! they both killed it xD


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