Monday, July 26, 2010

Late July Discussion Thread: dance music culture is controllable desire that begins at home

The only thing that's missing from that depiction of dance music culture is a frank discussion of what the other ??% consists in: piracy.

Good lord, somehow, if this were possible through this, somehow the entire gesture would be almost complete in one mouse click.

Aside from the staggering beauty of music, that is. But thankfully, soon many of us may not have to worry about that, either.... ...thank God, our good, honest, wholesome families are safe once more...



  1. from this article Australia sounds like a real crap hole.

  2. Well, it is at the arse end of the earth...

    ...but: which country do you live in, mr 816? And can you say it's immune to similar stupidities and threats?

  3. Verily, politics doth satirise itself not cyclically but constantly. It does remind me a little of the CJB in Britain circa '94 - the outlawing of outdoor events blaring music with 'repetitive beats'. A law direct enough to effect rave culture but also flexible enough to allow the police break up any mass gathering they liked.

    As for music that makes you feel like you're "watching wallpaper peel", Jesus, I know the feeling...

    That 'Jizzle Jammer' sounds particularly Chris Morris-worthy btw.

  4. @ Marzie: actually, Chris Morris is the only thing that explains the dangerous vapidity of the current election for me right now. Been sending Brass Eye clips to friends for weeks now...

  5. have you seen the videos of kids doing the idoser shit and supposedly having these freakouts?

    this one's my favourite. i'm pretty sure he says "don't shit your pants" or something similar.

    regardless...supposedly binaural beats actually do work, but i've not been bored enough to actually try this out.

  6. so 50% of traffic on the net is illegal, seems like the laws need adjusting. no way you can prosecute isp's, they could shut the internet down if they wanted to.

  7. NPR the voice of reason calls Bullshit on i-dosing...

  8. Music gets me high, just not in the way Murdoch's corporate media thinks it does...

    ...try listening to Eleh's Location Momentum collection or, in a different vein, Shed's mix for us here at SSGs.

    I get lifted

  9. @ Todd H: I hear what you're saying, but would a 'free flow' be free/liberating or just a free-to-plunder?

    The old, highly dysfunctional and inequitable distributional infrastructure based on selling recording/units is more or less finished.

    Much of what's online is simply taken.

    And BitTorrent is actually coal fired porn, pirate Hollywood and purloined recorded music...

    It could be that the structure of the internet almost precludes creators getting a fair deal, while mediators exploiting key distro bottlenecks are the only ones profiting...

    ...don't we need a complete New Deal for the music makers?

    One possible architecture is suggested here:

  10. @PC i live in the pacific northwest, USA. no it's not perfect, but this region is notoriously socially liberal. i seriously doubt the state of Oregon would ever pass laws limiting access to portions of the internet deemed as socially, culturally or politically subversive, or offensive.

    the whole article on iDosing is outright hilarious. it's all clearly an example of a psychological placebo. the user of "iDrugs" is simply convincing themselves of any altered state of mind they achieve. it is medically impossible to stimulate the hormonal receptors that act when using illicit substances like THC, crack or opiates. binaural beats are not even medically proven to be effective at stimulating brain waves. so far audio, at it's most potent, can induce a state of hypnosis. but this is not without considerable visual or tactile stimulation in connection.

    there are LED "glasses" which blink a light at a rate which is supposed to induce REM-like states of mind, but the effects are far from being considered a "drug". media articles such as these are "screen-savers", something to watch when nothing is happening. they are not grounded in fact or legitimate journalistic philosophy. it's just social commentary via hyperbole and tangents.

  11. @ Pafufta: well, you say that, but then, Obama wants an internet kill switch, and will probably get it.

    And the States also has the PATRIOT Act, and the Dept. of Homeland Security, and you would (and should) be frightened to know the kinds of powers of surveillance they have...

    ...meanwhile, the CIA launches drone attacks in tribal Pakistan from some remote controle HQ in Virginia...

    ...far be it from me to defend the coproratist 'family values' xenophobic/nationalist/populist politics dominating Australia right now, but is the US immune from any of this? Wasn't it a distinct possibility that Sarah Palin get elected?

    ...and Arizona cops have the right to stop and search anyone they 'suspect' as being 'illegal' and check 'em for papers... and 'the people' of Arizona have a right to sue the cops if they're not seen to be enforcing this...

    ...meanwhile, New Orleans and Detroit, and a tiny wee oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico... ...corporate, financial and banking welfare on a world historic scale, and a political process so corrupt, venal, and overrun with lobby groups and crazies that Obama et al have to fight tooth and nail for even the most modest of reforms...

    NOt only that, but I would say those that are 'they' in the US are leading the charge toward further securitization and the erosion of the various rights that US-based auto-describing 'liberals' cherish.

    I wouldn't say Oregon is immune form this, just because it's a lefty state... ...would you?

    I mean, Australia is the Texas of the South Seas etc, but I live in Austin (Melbourne), and there is good and bad and complex going on here, just as there is good and bad and complex going on in the US... no?

  12. never heard of the internet kill switch, tells me that gov's will be regulating the internet soon and we'll all be issued ip's like social insurance numbers

  13. @ pafufta:

    ...but/and: on the kill switch, you have to remember that the internet was designed by ARPA to be basically war proof, cockroach-style unkillable.

    But/and: don't think you'd be downloading apps and tweeting after Obama flicked the switch...

    ...this is another kind of Pyrrhic victory of the Village over the village;

    'we have to burn the village (or hit it with a kill switch) in order to save the village!'

    The question I have for electronic music is: what remains after the kill switch? Consider our common dependency on network-mediated communication and data...

  14. &: I note well

    ...nobody wants to talk about drugs or piracy?

    ...this is not a trap...

    ...or is it?


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