Wednesday, July 14, 2010

ssg special - june

a few months ago i was intrigued by a new release at clone, which they described as 'ranging from trippy acid house to chicago' and 'composed solely on hardware machines'. what's more, all the tracks had been produced in the month of june. this description got me interested and i picked myself up a copy of june's first EP. the release was not necessarily doing anything that new, but it worked with classic sounds in a very faithful and loving manner. in this way it reminded me a bit of a more chicago orientated version of some of donnacha costello's classic colour series records. the sense i got was that these tracks were created by someone who really cares about and understands music. so i chased june down to see if he'd be interested in putting together a mix for us, and now you have the pleasure of hearing the results. much like his own productions, june's mix is full of classic sounds, composed and programmed in such a way that gives the mix real life and vitality. you can hear this is mixed by someone who loves the music, and this is exactly what the ssgs about, so we are super happy to present this mix. it also fits perfectly with where my head is at right now: lots of raw, essential grooves. enjoy, this one is a beauty.

june - ssg special mx

if you are interested in june's sounds, check his june01 EP and he also has a track on music from mathematics vol 6 (a very appropriate home for him). for more info, have a look at june's myspace and soundcloud. big thanks to june for putting together this fantastic mix. i'm really happy we can share this one with you. enjoy.


  1. thanks for the continued supply of such amazing sounds! this is great - thanks june!

  2. this mix is hot as hell. nice work!

  3. I always appreciate the mixes. Well done. I have loved the blog for the last 2 years. To say thank you I made a mix you may like (or not like): Keep up the good work.

  4. this is reeeaaally good =) nice job

  5. finally took the time. time to get my mind blown. amazing mix!

  6. one of the best mixes in 2010 for me, keep coming back to it


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