Tuesday, July 13, 2010

burnt ssg

mnml ssgs is basically supposed to be a 'hobby' for PC and myself. i put that in inverted commas because for a hobby it takes a shitload of a time and effort, and much of the time it feels more like a second (unpaid) job. it's totally worth it, because we love the opportunities it brings, the doors it opens, the discussions that take place, the music we can act as a platform for and so on. but we also have pretty busy lives, so sometimes it is hard to keep on top of everything with the blog (this is also why i might be slow on correspondence), and now and again there are fuck ups. this is one of those times. when october first sent me his mix, i loved it, my only complaint was that it was in 192kbps. it was such a great mix i really wanted to be able to give it to everyone in 320kbps. in the process of getting the new version, october accidentally sent the 320 version of the first draft of the mix, rather than the final version. i didn't check the new mix properly and just posted it... and it has taken me to now to find out about the fuck up. ummm... sorry people. to be honest, i don't think it makes that big a difference as the tracklisting is the same. for me the most important aspect of DJ'ing is programming: you need to play the right records at the right time and construct a coherent story or narrative. and this is something october definitely did. it just happened he did it in slightly cleaner fashion in the final version... anyway, here it is, and apologies again for the fuck up:

october - ssg special mx (final version!)
tracklisting is the same:

1.  Actress - 'Maze' (Honest Jons)
2.  Moodyman - 'Dem Young Sconies'
3.  Big Strick - 'E850' (Omar S Remix) (FXHE Detroit)
4.  Unknown - '1XA'
5.  Unknown - White Label
6.  DJ Bone - 'Fam' (Subject Detroit)
7.  Bovill - 'Trescore' (Meanwhile)
8.  Levon Vincent - 'Polar Bear make nice with Sea Lion' (Deconstruct)
9.  Round 3 - 'Acting Crazy' (Main Street)
10. Kowton - 'Basic Music Knowledge' (Idle Hands)
11. Behling & Simpson - 'Tetch'  (October's Point Your Finger Reinterpretation) (Perspectiv)
12. Unknown - 'Untitled'  (Caravan)
13. Skudge - 'Contamination'
14. Behling & Simpson - 'Tetch' (Perspectiv)
15. MCDE - 'Raw Cuts 6'
16. Soundstream - 'Live Goes On'

ok, that's it. we've got our next ssg special mx coming tomorrow, and it is from artist named after another month of the year...


  1. no worries chris, you're human, not a robot. it's like a mix, they ain't perfect either.
    i think i can speak for all readers if i say i / we appreciate your efforts. keep it up, mistakes are allowed. it's not science (and even then...) :-)

  2. as evad said, your work is way appreciated, inspiring and illuminating - make your transition. So much so we are joining you in labyrinth with baited breath. keep on truckin and much respect

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  4. finally found out that mystery, sublime track at the 17 minute mark. It's http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=10vKYf2zGR4 . . so beautiful!


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