Monday, July 19, 2010

june tracklist

here is the tracklist for the most recent ssg special, care of june. if you missed it, definitely make sure to grab it now. as you can see from the killer tracklisting, there is plenty of heat in this mix. i've had this one on repeat since it arrived.

june ssg special mx

1. Hieroglyphic Being - The Bathroom Sessions/Audio Memoir 5 (Music From Mathematics)
2. Hieroglyphic Being - So Much Noise 2 Be Heard (Mathematics Recordings)
3. Throbbing Gristle - Hot On The Heels Of Love (Industrial Records)
4. Jeff Mills - Cobham (Purpose Maker)
5. Ø - Lasi (Sähkö Recordings)
6. Alexander Robotnick - Made In China (IBM Edit) (Crème Organization)
7. Virgo - Go Wild Rythm Trax (B3) (Other Side Records)
8. QX-1 - I Won't Hurt You (I Swear) (Rhythm Beat)
9. Pierre's Pfantasy Club Featuring J.R. - Fantasy Girl (Radio Mix) (SRO)
10. Saturn V - Locomotion (Nation)
11. Chicago Shags - West Park (Strange Life Records)
12. Chicago Skyway - Heavens (Mix 6) (M>O>S Recordings
13. Marcello Napoletano  -  Back 2 The Riot (Mathematics Recordings)


  1. nice tracklist... got a couple of those tracks right here on vinyl :)

  2. Any mix with Lasi in it is alright by me!


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