Sunday, July 18, 2010

good times with eli and roger

the other day eli verveine emailed me telling me about a very special night she played recently with roger23, describing it as one of her best experiences DJ'ing:

'it was such a blast...
just the essence... good music and good people!'

luckily it was recorded it and eli has made it available for everyone. individually eli and roger are both stunning DJs, so putting them together can only lead to good things...

roger23 and eli verveine at satisfactory

and if you haven't yet heard eli's recent comfortnoise podcast, get it, because it is brilliant. this girl really has something special.


  1. eyes popped out of my head when i saw 4 and a half hours come up. yes, yes, yes!

    about an hour in now and really enjoying the chilled out sounds, about to take this out with me on a nice sunday afternoon run i think.

    last time i took out music i got from here it was that mike parker set and i damaged my legs so badly from derranged techno-fuelled uphill sprinting that i havent been able to run for the last 3 weeks! hopefully this will stay a bit mellower for an hour or so :)

    cheers ssgs/eli+roger!

  2. Ooh, someone please tell me what the first track is?


  3. just listen this set yesterday and I agree, I had a nice sunday too :-)

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  5. the first track is:

    TONES ON TAIL - Lions

  6. loving the comfortnoise mix as well. quality stuff

  7. The comfortnoise podcast is really really great.

    Correct me if I´m wrong, but the first track is from "Prism" right? Great track, love the gritty hihats just swinging through the mellow elements... ears are bleeding

  8. yes, the first track of confortnoise podcast is prism ;-)

    for the confortnoise podcast is a timecoded playlist online:

    thanks for enjoying!

  9. Thanks Eli. Great opening track and lovely mix.

  10. can anyone tell me what the track playing at the 1:46:00 mark is? It's in the October mix at 0:17:00 mark and IT IS SUBLIME!

    Beautiful mix Eli!

  11. Oh no I've found it - it's 'Impairment'.

    So niceee!

  12. the track at the 54 minute mark - superb! i.d?

  13. @rob: it`s: low top "hold me"
    cheers ;-)


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