Wednesday, September 29, 2010

ssg special - blackest ever black

a few weeks ago i was catching up on new hardwax stock and i came across the 1st release from a new label called 'blackest ever black'. the description immediately caught my interest: 'subtle pulsating droning ambient electronics'. that sounds like some ssg music right there. sure enough the samples sounded great and a copy of the EP was soon on its way to tokyo. since the record arrived it has been on repeat. the EP is by raime, i believe it is their debut. and what an impressive record it is. i will be shocked if it is not in my top 10 for 2010. the 2nd EP on blackest ever black is out in november and is again by raime with a regis remix. it is equally good.

this is clearly not just another label, there is a purpose, there is intent to what they are doing. RA did a short interview with the label boss, and their explanation for why it is called 'blackest ever black' really struck a chord with me:

"Creating anything of real substance, particularly in music, is a more difficult and thankless task than ever. The label wasn’t founded in spite of this hostile climate, it was founded because of it - in less trivial times I wouldn't have needed to bother. The name is simply an acknowledgment of that fact, as well as a constant, carping reminder to myself to stay fucked-off and resolute."

this kind of attitude resonates with the ssgs, it is pretty similar to some of the motivations that led to the founding of this blog. so i'm really glad we are now able to present something from a like-minded soul. given that clearly a lot of thought has gone into the label, and likewise, this mixtape, we asked the person behind blackest ever black for an explanation of what they have put together to share with us:

"This mixtape aims to give some sense of the predilections and prejudices that stirred Blackest Ever Black into being. Most of its content is drawn from the 1980s - not a conscious choice, but rather a natural result of favouring music of real character, imagination and volatility. Music to make you feel all over again a truth which the mind becomes adept at evading, and which can be expressed in a single, simple command: you must change your life."

blackest ever black - scripts for the pageant mix
*tracklist next week

for more info, check the website for blackest ever black. there are still some copies left of BLACKEST01, i'd strongly suggest tracking one down, otherwise it'll be out on digital next week. BLACKEST02 is coming in november. definitely keep an eye out. i'd also recommend checking the excellent mixtape from raime, which is in a similar vein to this one.

big thanks to blackest ever black. we need more of this.


  1. Nice one for being on top of this one. That Raime EP's been a bubbler for sure and definitely personal end of year fave material. Interesting how similar Raime's mixtape was to the recent Sandwell radio mix in tone and atmosphere if not form - and here's KO'C on remix duties... Couple of EP tracks + the mix here -

  2. Heard that Raime mixtape played on an exotic pylon broadcast a couple weeks ago... Looking forward to hearing more. If you've not heard the Exotic Pylon mixes I'd recommend checking them out. I've been introduced to so many artists I've never heard of thanks to Jonny Mugwump and his guest mixes. here:

  3. argh! what film soundtrack at 41 min?

  4. that track around 37 minutes is pretty sick

  5. i was just listening and about to post "around 40 min mark was so full metal jacket" but beaten to the punch... was it the actual straight sample from the movie tho? or a track heavily influenced by it? I'm gonna have to watch and compare... "hardcore man... fuckin hardcore..."

  6. This is so great... Thanks to all involved.

    52:52 = The Wake "Chance". The song right before that and the one at 16:00 are so familiar, especially the voices. But, like, high school familiar, a long time ago! And I believe the 2nd to last track is Prurient, tho I'm not about to double-check the Prurient stuff i have, no...

    Dying to know what 21:00 and 23:30 are...

  7. ah, wasn't paying enough attention when i turned this on... 0:00 = Pink Industry "Is This the End" .

  8. Did anyone catch Raime at Unsound last weekend? Such power without being too 'big'. great transitions between sections. amazing opening to a great night of techno that i really really felt.


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