Friday, September 10, 2010

labyrinth ssg special - steffi

with labyrinth just over a week away, we've got a very special mix from someone who will be playing there for the first time: steffi. while steffi has obviously been carefully honing her skills for quite some time, it is in the last couple of years that she has really emerged to prominence. through her residency at panorama bar and a couple of carefully placed, and truly sublime, mixes online, people have quickly become aware of steffi's abilities behind the decks. after hearing her podcasts i was very excited to see steffi play, and i've been lucky enough to catch her twice this year at p-bar. and both times i was not disappointed - she really burned up the place. i've seen a lot of good music in 2010 and steffi has been right at the top.

what a really love about steffi's DJ'ing is how natural it is. she has real intuition, a beautiful feel for the records and a great understanding of how to construct a set. put simply, steffi is a pro. as you will hear, all of these skills are amply on show in the mix she has put together for us.

steffi - labyrinth ssg special mix

don't worry, the tracklist will be up next week. all i'll say is that immediately after listening to this mix i went straight to the record store...

steffi has been super busy playing all around the place, as well as finishing off her debut album, which will be out early 2011 on ostgut ton. so huge thanks to her for taking the time out of her busy schedule to put this together this for all the ssgs. steffi is someone both PC and i really love, and it is an absolute pleasure for us to be able to feature her here. for more info about steffi, check her myspace. also keep an eye on the labels she co-runs: klakson and dolly, which have been putting out some great music lately (PC has been seriously tipping the jacob korn EPs on dolly).

if you happen to be in japan, read this blog, and don't have tickets to labyrinth already (perhaps unlikely), this mix surely should be enough to convince you to come. and if you are going to labyrinth, this will make it very clear that steffi is not someone you should miss. for the rest of you, it just confirms what you already know: steffi can seriously spin.

今回のssg specialはラビリンス初の女性DJとして登場するSteffiです!


  1. Yay! Hope this will be as good as that "Panorama bar mix II" I've been listening to for ages now.

  2. Steffi got the groove, that's for damm sure

  3. Great mix, what is the track at 46!!!

  4. Thanks for this... and thanks Steffi!

    A superb mix as always from her - it's a little uncanny, really - and also special thx for the decent quality. Interesting mixes on low bitrates are driving me UP THE WALL at the moment.

  5. Thanks for this guys! And thanks Steffi!

  6. Awesome vibe, smooth mixing, very classy mix overall! I also enjoy her two tracks on Ostgut Ton and the Dolly releases she puts out.
    It's truly a shame that most people in Amsterdam/the Netherlands overlook her, even though most things 'deep house' and O-Ton/Pbar-related have become extremely popular over the last two years... hopefully this mix and her album will generate some attention.

  7. Awesome stuff! Been waiting for a new mix of hers for a while

  8. Crazy shit, congrats !
    Can't wait for the tracklist...

  9. also the kai alce track at around the hour mark is some seriously slept on shit!

  10. Is it an aesthetic prerequisite that Panoramabar / Berghain residents all have cheekbones you can take yer eye out on? ;-) Anyhoo, I reckon this equates to the blog flexing it's muscles, getting another cutting-edger like Steffi in. Her Panoramabar II mix was a bit special alright, though I also loved the two hour set she put together for Instinctive sequencing plus seamless mixing the order of the day. Cheers Steffi / ssg folk.

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  12. ^^^^ oops typo! ^^^

    Thanks so, so much for this.

    I find that Steffi's mixes tend to be the ones I go back to most often, and while I'm not bored of the ones I have, I've been waiting for a new one for ages.

    Any links to other sets of hers would be much appreciated

  13. I love, Steffi. I'm very happy she decided to contribute a mix to mnml ssgs as her mixes are some of the best around. Thanks, Steffi!

  14. Thank you for such a killer mix.
    Steffi you are a queen ;)
    you might want to check her september chart on clone

    So looking forward to Labyrinth.

  15. It's been a long time coming...

    Steffi has produced my favourite mixes by far. I've been waiting for quite a while for another solid mix from this lady.

    I was so happy to first hear that she was playing in Manchester very soon, then I noticed where she's playing...

    That'll be me heading to Berlin for the end of October and the Ostgut party then...

  16. This set is magnificent with some beautiful introspective techno, the kind I'd like to find more, that do a little more that just being "dubby".

    Definely will be listened many times, as sets like this are not too common.

    I particularly like the third track - can't wait for the tracklisting.

  17. This is no joke. Best mix of the year basically. So, so good.


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