Thursday, September 23, 2010

exit the labyrinth

labyrinth might have finished, but there is one final part of the story, before we all begin preparing for 2011. on saturday night there is the labyrinth exit party, featuring move d on the decks 12-2:30, then dozzy till close. it is on at legato, shibuya. and don't worry, of course there will be funktion one sound... more info at the mindgames homepage. looking forward to seeing old & new friends there on saturday night. many special memories from last weekend to relive. catch you there!


  1. A friend of mine said PVH was gonna spin in place of Move D, but I haven't seen anything written anywhere... Any truth to this? Either way, see you there!

  2. OK, nevermind:

  3. Sometimes I wish I didn't read this blog. Major envy going on here.



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