Thursday, September 23, 2010


i don't believe in fate. i don't believe things happen for some predetermined reason. i don't believe in god. but i do believe in luck. i do believe in passion. i do believe in hard work. and i do believe in the power of inspiration. and when these forces come together - luck, passion, hard work and inspiration - sometimes people can create something truly beautiful and special. these moments are very rare, but sometimes they do happen. and labyrinth 2010 was definitely one of those moments. this was my 3rd time. my first trip to labyrinth was life altering, somehow the next year managed to surpass that, and once again, in 2010 it was even better.  

there is no point me trying to describe what happened yet. those who were there know, the rest will find out in a few weeks when we've managed to process more of what took place. i wish i could write now, but i simply can't. the words are not there. all i can say is thanks. thanks to russ, yasuyo, so, charles, steve, the artists and every other member of the labyrinth family for creating something incredibly powerful and inspirational. obviously music is central to labyrinth, but ultimately it is about something much more than that: it is a celebration of life. i'm deeply grateful and humbled to have been part of something so valuable and worthwhile.

thank you.

see you next year.


  1. Too right mate. Said pretty much the same thing over on RA: words really do fail me. The amount of times I've caught myself welling up just thinking about the vibe is crazy. It was the best rave I've ever been to, by a mile. Thanks for plugging it so eloquently on ssgs :-)

  2. I am so jealous, and so going next year.

  3. +1... pictures and vids might help give a pretty accurate impression of the feelings floating around the place (never seen that many smiling faces in my entire life !). will try to pick a few and share them, when i m back home.
    hope to see you again in legato and, for sure, next year @ Lab11.
    love, arnaud/saintplacid

  4. Nice post. Saw some videos and it looked amazing as always...

    Shackleton working up a frenzy,

    Donato in the groove,

    and this one captures the daytime spirit nicely,

    Sounds great. Who's playing in that clip?

    Fair play to you guys for supporting the festival the way you do. I was at Laby in 2007 & 2008 when I lived in Japan. Really have to get back next year!


    here is Dozzy dropping Milton Bradley's 'Unheard voice..'

    The 'daytime' clip from universaldrops is awesome! Must know what track that is.

    So so jealous. Next year!


    At the beginning of this video it must be Reagenz, as the track playing is this unreleased demo that Move D had on his RA mix from 2008.

    2 years later and that track is still just the best thing, ever.

  7. Anyone know the name of this amazing track played by Dozzy?

    Any sets recorded?


  8. thank you very much chris


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