Tuesday, September 14, 2010

steffi tracklist

glad everyone is feeling steffi's mix. the reactions so far have been amazing. it has definitely got a lot of people excited about seeing her at labyrinth, which was one of the reasons we wanted to do the mix. and for those of you in japan, but not coming to labyrinth, she is playing on wednesday night in chiba at the future terror party with marcel fengler, nobu and others. the other good news for people in japan is that this mix will be the final promo CDR mix in our collaboration with labyrinth and disk union. it should be at disk union shibuya later this week...

steffi - labyrinth ssg special mix

luke hess - EP 01 - FXHE records
various - edition 1 - metrolux music
xdb - espac - sistrum recordings
morphosis - dark myths of phoenicia - morphine records
wireman - armour EP- prime numbers
conforce - cccp ep - modelisme records
john daly - organ track -1track
delano smith/norm talley - constellation/detroit 2-step - sushitech
dplay - samoah ep - mild pitch
goldwill - what is behind - wandering
james blonde & oliver deutschmann - milanse remixes - falkplatz limitiert
kai alcé featuring azulu phantom - the power thru pt. 3 - NDATL muzik
disco nihilist - disco nihilist - love what you feel
roberto auser & alden tyrell - blondes & brunettes - bear funk
thanks again to steffi for the mix and to nick at ostgut, who helped make this happen. i'm super excited to see her this weekend!


  1. So happy to wake up to this! Been wishing for a tracklist for the whole week.

  2. Amazing. Thanks! So, so many gems.

  3. Oh hey guys, just noticed the wrong Aura track is on there - should be Blush - incidentally John Roberts has What Is Behind on his mix from a couple of weeks ago, if I remember correctly... :p

  4. This mix is killer! 'Nuff said. I couldn't ask for a better first five tracks. Many thanks to Steffi and the ssgs.

  5. Huge & massive. Thanks to make it happen.


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