Monday, September 27, 2010

it's a FACT

one of the biggest surprises of 2009 for us was the mnml ssgs mix by ancient methods. we were not surprised by how good it was - we expected that - but we were shocked by how it was received. SCB was the only mix that was downloaded more from ssgs last year. whatever ancient methods did, it struck a chord. what they've done is created a sound that people have really connected with. without really trying, they've found the techno zeitgiest. or something pretty close to it. drawing on the harsh, industrial sounds of old birmingham and the raw aggression and power of '90s techno, ancient methods is recombining, updating and extending these influences and channeling them to create something very distinctive and very good. if you are not yet convinced, i strongly suggest heading over to FACT and checking this rare live recording of ancient methods in action:

FACT mix 188 - ancient methods

at a time when i fear techno is starting to stagnate, i really feel what ancient methods are doing is important. keep a close eye on these guys. they are part of our future. and don't worry, ancient methods 05 is on its way. and i can assure you it is just as sick as their previous releases.


  1. I remember the ssg mix clearly, I first listened to it whilst strolling around Buenos Aires at maximum speed, I'd not had an mp3 player in about 7 weeks and had just bought a new one and populated it with this. Tremendous.

    I believe I also listened to the Georgio Gigli mix while exploring Recolata Cemetary on the same day, incredibly appropriate music for the task at hand!

  2. It goes without saying how good this mix is, but I was just wondering, what happened to their stolen laptops?

  3. Oooooooooooffffffffff........!!!!

    Loved Recolata btw - as a graveyard gourmet it's still Pere Lachaise for me though... with perhaps the cio d'or ssg mix... at dusk... ;-)

  4. Nice and bangy, but so smartly put together, love it! Wish I'd have been at the gig, must've smoked.


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