Monday, September 13, 2010

labyrinth disk union promo mx: donato dozzy

we are very proud to announce another promo CDR mix in our special collaboration with disk union and labyrinth. this is from a DJ who has built a very special connection with the event, and someone who obviously needs no introduction here: donato dozzy. the mix we've chosen is DDKH, which we originally posted anonymously. now seemed like an appropriate time to confirm it, as russ (the organiser of labyrinth) has made clear this is a mix that really encapsulates much of the spirit of labyrinth. so, of course, we are super happy to be able to do present a limited amount in CDR format at disk union shibuya. the deal is the same: if you buy a labyrinth ticket or spend more than 4000 yen on electronic music related purchases, you'll get a copy. the plan is to have one more in this series, but obviously this is one you'll want to get! we are very happy to be collaborating with disk union on this and are very grateful of their support of mnml ssgs, labyrinth, and the techno scene in tokyo in general. if you are coming for lab, i strongly recommend paying them a visit (info here, but please note they are now on the 4th floor).

DONATO DOZZY mnml ssgs MIX-CDRプレゼンキャンペーン!

いよいよ間近に迫ったLABYRINTH。当店の好評企画、『LABYRINTH×mnml ssgs』MIXシリーズに

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  1. I tried to get one of these today at at disk union,(both shimokawazen and shibuya stores) the staff told me they didn't have any! But they were playing it in-store (wtf) I spent well over 4000 yen too :^(

  2. @ biscuit: hmm... that is weird. you spent more than 4000 yen on techno/house stuff? if so, send me an email with your details and i'll try to organise getting you a copy of the CDR.

  3. hi chris, thanks for your quik reply, just sent you an email. cheers.

  4. huh, went back and forth guessing between natural/electronic.system and donato dozzy. DDKH's still in my playlist.

  5. it's just the best mix that i've ever heard, at least here on mnmlssgs.

    it exemplify's Dozzy's attention to detail and the precision by which he articulates the changes between the tracks. It's reall quite unbelievable, and since hearing it for the first time and many times since, it has successfully transformed and deepened the way I think about the Mix.

    I do wonder if we're ever going to get a tracklist, but, I must say, in hindsight - the method of delivery (unknown mix with no tracklist) worked out perfectly.

    Hope you are enjoying Labyrinth!


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