Monday, September 13, 2010

in perspective

mnml ssgs would look very different if i had never heard regis' music. hell, the blog might not even exist. this is how influential his work has been on me. regis is one of a handful of producers that has really defined the way i understand and appreciate electronic music. quite simply, he is one of my techno gods. and once again, i'm left in awe of regis after listening to his new remix of svreca's 'utero'. the remix is not necessary anything new for regis, or a great departure from elements found in his previous work, but it is just a beautiful piece executed to perfection. for me it is one of those tracks that demonstrates the complex and ambiguous emotions electronic music can bring out. here regis flexes his musical muscles, and makes clear why he is the one of the most important and fundamental talents in techno.

as with all semantica releases, there is a very limited run - only 100 records - so my advice would be to buy a copy while you still can, otherwise it is also on flac. this is essential. definitely one of my highlights of 2010 so far. (and yes i know this post is gushing, but i will always be a massive regis fanboy, i can't help it).

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