Friday, October 1, 2010

october charts

i've decided to try to get into the habit of doing a chart every month or two for clubberia, a website which is a bit like a japanese version of RA. they have some good mixes in their podcast series & are also a good resource for information about parties in japan. you can find my first chart here, but i've also listed it below. i've tried to include stuff that has either been released or is due out very soon. there is plenty of music that i have been enjoying, this definitely is not an exhaustive list.

mnml ssgs october chart (chris)

1. Svreca - 'Untero' (Regis Remix) [Semantica]
2. Raime - 'Raime' EP [Blackest Ever Black]
3. Donato Dozzy - 'K' [Further Records]
4. Forever Delayed - 'Forever Delayed' [Islands & Islets]
5. Sistol - 'On the Bright Side' [Halo Cyan]
6. ANBB - Ret Marut Handshake [Raster-Noton]
7. Mika Vainio - It's a Muthang [Comfortzone]
8. L.B. Dub Corp - Take It Down (In Dub) (Ostgut Ton)
9. Urban Tribe - Urban Tribe [Mahogani Music]
10. Steffi - mnml ssgs promo CDR mix [Disk Union]

please feel free to post in the comments your charts or any releases you've really been enjoying lately.


  1. perfect selection.

    i'll add :

    Delta_Funktionen - Matrimony [Field]
    Daso - Why Try (Reade Truth rmx) [nsyde music]
    Head High (Shed) - It's a love thing (piano invasion) [Power House]
    The Exaltics - We Are Not Your Friends [Trajectory]
    Soundstream - Wenn Meine Mutti Wusste [Ostgut Ton]
    Anodyne - Close Your Eyes (Corporation Street remix by Autechre)

  2. The track V8 from Senking's Pong makes me want to be less of a bitch.

    It must be a pretty good track.

  3. it's not out yet, but people should keep their eyes out for a new 2AMFM record on MOS deep called "desolate cities/give this world".

    fabulous record; pvh brought down new york with desolate cities this weekend!

    sample here:

    john roberts - glass eights (mindblowingly good)
    portable - find me
    and other things that escape me right now

  4. Well, having now received DD's "K" on beautiful green vinyl, I reckon it will rate VERY high in my own top releases for 2010. Gorgeous stuff.

  5. James Blake's Klavierwerke EP stands as a fine testament to his mighty talents and the B-side I Only Know What I Know Now as one of the most deeply beautiful pieces of music I have heard in a long time.


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