Sunday, October 3, 2010

mnml ssgs night at dommune

mnml ssgs quest for world domination continues tomorrow night, with our first event, which will be held at the tokyo club, dommune. since appearing early in 2010, dommune has quickly emerged as an important club in the tokyo scene. it is open from sunday - thursday nights, from 9pm - midnight. there are 50 places available each night, and it simultaneously streamed live on ustream, which regularly attracts large audiences. as well as local japanese DJs, touring international artists have been playing there, with jeff mills, reagenz, derrick may, maurice fulton, shed, prosumer, cio d'or and many more having played there already. nice concept, nice club, nice people. our kind of place. so we are super happy to have been able to put together a party there tomorrow night (monday 4 october) featuring two artists we've previously featured on mnml ssgs: dasha rush and c_olvrin.

dasha rush should be familiar to most of our readers, after her impressive two part ssg mix (you can find it here). as a producer, liveact and DJ she has developed a distinctive brand of powerful, robust techno. high quality stuff and we love her. i saw her play live on saturday night in osaka for almost 2 hours and i was very impressed. if you want to have more of an idea of what to expect, check this live recording of dasha rush at berghain in may. dasha rocks hard. not to be missed.

c_olvrin (craig to us) is a canadian DJ and producer based in tokyo. he has been making a name for himself with his carefully weighted hybrid live/DJ sets. craig has started a label called continental drift as an output for his productions, and has been playing out in tokyo, including at the mariana parties. earlier this year we featured a live recording of c_olvrin, which you can find here. i've been very impressed with what i've heard from craig. definitely a rising talent.

if you are in tokyo and would like to come, you need to register in advance. there are only 50 slots available, so do it quickly:

register for mnml ssgs night at dommune

the details are:
dasha rush, c_olvrin @ dommune
monday 4 october,  21:00 - 24:00
1500 yen entry

for ssgs not based in tokyo, don't worry it will be streamed live on the dommune website from 9pm japan time (which is 1pm london, 8am new york, you work out the rest!).

big thanks to the dommune crew, teion club, yuko at eleven, dasha, craig and yuri for all helping to make this happen. hope to see you there!


  1. congratulations! i hope it is a great night & i look forward to tuning in. all the best


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