Friday, October 1, 2010

weekend listening

when two mixes arrive in the one week from silent servant, you know it has been a good week. this mix is as good as it looks. for me, this guy is perhaps the most under-rated person in techno right now. ridiculously talented.

silent servant - promo mix 08A - tresor 1998

Electrosonic - Celestial Cantabile (KPM)
Quadrant 01.1 - II (Basic Channel)
Metric System - Wasp (Trope)
Scion - Emerge (Chain Reaction)
Aphrohead - In the Dark We Live (Dave Clarke 313 Mix) (Reload)
Planetary Assualt Systems - Booster (Peacefrog)
Octave One - Eniac (430 West)
Jeff Mills - Captivator (Purpose Maker)
Planetary Assualt Systems - Funk Electric (Peacefrog)
Regis - Escape from Yourself (Downwards)
Cyrus - Enforcement (Mills Mix) (Basic Channel)
Ignacio - Organa (Music Man)
Bandulu - Serial Operators (Foundation Sound Works)
iO - Station to Staion (Cheap)
Murat - Pilgrimage B1 (Method 11:11)
Missing Channel - Gold (Hardwax)
Laurent Garnier - Rex Attitude (F Communications)
Richard Benson - Diamonds and Pearls (Force Inc.)
Mario J - Home E.P. - B2 (Method 11:11)
Regis - Speak to Me (Downwards)
DJ Funk - XTC- Run UK (Dance Mania)
Jack-Tronic - The Hustler (Planetary Assault Systems Remix) (Peacefrog)
Bam Bam - Where's Your Child? (Desire)
Norman - Green Room (Synewave)
The Advent - Standers (Internal)
Silver & Kash - Session 2 (Generations)
Grenn Velvet - Flash (Paul Johnson Mix) (Relief)
Dan Bell - Science Fiction (Tresor/Nova Mute)
Funk D'Void - Jack Me Off (Soma)
Jay Denham - Car Jacker (Black Nation)
Surgeon - Action Balance (Ideal Trax)
Themis - Your Round (Ideal Trax)
Regis - Allies (Downwards)
Fade to Black - Insistent Rhythm (Fragile)
Fix - Flash (KMS)
Infiniti - Flash Flood (Tresor)

tracklist speaks for itself, but if you want more info check promomixes.

have a good weekend people. we are heading down to osaka to see donato dozzy play tonight, and dasha rush play tomorrow. should be fun.


  1. Outstanding stuff! Cheers for sharing!

  2. you're right about him being under-rated. he's ace.

    also can you let dozzy leave japan and come to the uk. pretty please. ;-)

  3. one of the best mixes i have heard in a long time :)
    promomixes are great, patrick walkers was ace too!

  4. Looking forward to this. Serious old-skool tuneage - Clarke's Aphrohead remix, Booster, Station To Station. What an amazing compo True Spirit was too - Karl O'Connor, Fumiya Tanaka, Mills's Late Night remix... Class, class, class. <3

  5. i don't really get this underrated tag myself. everyone i know who knows their techno thinks he's ace.

    @darren 3rd December Corsica Studios Bleep Party.

  6. all i have to say is...

    maw'fugger nailed it. in more ways than one.

  7. @jonnyp same goes for all of my friends but oh well...
    be sure to check out the peter van hoesen mix too :D

  8. @jonnyp cheers for the heads up, just found out this morning. excellent news

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  10. ♥♥♥ this. So nice to hear a fresh set of this older style of techno again (that I cut my teeth on). Thanks to all.

  11. this is sooo good, absolutely in love with this mix!

  12. This is definitely an amazing mix. I'm so happy I found it. It's a real keeper as well as a nice guide to classic techno. And thanks for the tip Rokas, there are some sweet mixes there. A real nice idea I must say.

    And as to the debate of whether SS/JM is underrated; I'd have to say no, today he isn't for those of us in the know (not exactly the definition of mainstream), but I sure as hell was surprised that he's been active for this long. It took me a listen before I even bought into the date in the title. Should have started with the track list, but when the subject says Silent Servant I jump.

  13. Good lord. This one is getting me in touch with all my favorite records again.

    Good stuff!


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