Wednesday, October 6, 2010

blackest ever black tracklist

if you haven't already checked the most recent ssg special from blackest ever black, this tracklisting should give you the extra encouragement you need. definitely one of the most refreshing and interesting mixes we've had on here for a while. i've been constantly listening to both this mix and the raime EP since getting hold on them. worth checking for sure.

blackest ever black - scripts for the pageant mix

1. Pink Industry - Is This The End (Zulu, 1983)
2. Raime - Retread (Blackest Ever Black, 2010)
3. Caroline K - Animallattice (Earthly Delights, 1987)
4. And Also The Trees - The Headless Clay Woman (Reflex, 1986)
5. Death In June - Heilige Leben (New European Recordings, 1989)
6. Tropic Of Cancer - Victims (Downwards, 2009)
7. Dalis Car - Cornwall Stone (Paradox, 1984)
8. Mecanica Popular - Las Maravillas Del Manana (Grabaciones Accidentales, 1987)
9. Minimal Man - I Don't Resist (Subterranean, 1981)
10. Abigail Mead - Leonard (Warner, 1987)
11. John Foxx - The Garden (Virgin, 1981)
12. The Wake - Chance (Factory Benelux, 1984)
13. Prurient - Pretext (Hospital Productions, 2008)
14. Andrew Liles - The Captain's Apprentice (Nextera, 2004)

if you really love this mix, keen an eye on the blackest ever black website, as they will be releasing 25 copies of a free CDR version of it. they will announce the details on how to get a copy very soon.

thanks again to blackest ever black for this.

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