Sunday, October 17, 2010

sunday sounds: reagenz at dommune

if you are on twitter or soundcloud, chances are you will have discovered this already. but i figured i should post it, as it is a really great set of music and i want to make sure everyone hears it. reagenz were one of the many highlights at labyrinth, and i was one of the lucky few who was also able to catch them the day after playing at dommune. not only did they deliver a great set, the dommune show had quite a different feel from at labyrinth. it reflected that jonah and david really know what they are doing: they have a deep understanding of their machines and a great feel for working together. and to repeat something i have been saying a lot, reagenz are another example of something i keep noticing: good people make good music. both jonah and david are lovely individuals, it was a pleasure being able to spend some time hanging out and getting to know them. so on this sunday enjoy some quality sounds from two quality guys:

reagenz @ dommune, 21.9.10

you'd be glad to know that reagenz were able to sneak in a small amount of studio time during their stay in japan, so fingers crossed there will be some new stuff from them soon. huge thanks to reagenz!


  1. listened it two days ago, great session!

  2. Cool, can't wait to hear this.
    I also can't recommend their album enough. Brilliant.
    Also here's two other great sets of theirs that I really enjoy:

  3. spacetime continuum left a great impression on me when i first heard them. i think it was his remix of "the perfect drug" which sounded nothing like the original but was the most amorphous organic techno sound i'd ever heard in 97.

  4. dont know how to contact you chris as i have no twitter or facebook or whatever , but i remmeber asking the boss of nurture himself and he told upekah will be released someday digitally .. but it was already avalaivable sometime ago 'digitally' on this cd

  5. this is soooooooooooooooooo good.

    and rokas: if you ever want to get in touch, just use the ssg email:

  6. This mix was astoundingly good. Thanks for sharing. I picked this up and listened to it many times over. Really, really enjoyed the ideas expressed here.


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