Thursday, March 11, 2010

tokyo techno spring

well, it sure looks like i hit tokyo at the right time... last weekend i caught lerosa drop a couple of hours of lovely deep house beats. and that was just the start of a busy month in tokyo. so, if you happen to be about, i'd suggest coming along to these parties. i'll planning on hitting them all:

sat 13 march: delta funktionen @ module: 2nd week in a row a ssg artist will be making their debut in tokyo. nice one!
sun 14 march: mika vainio, rashad becker, NHK @ soup: bring the noise!
tues 16 march: mika vainio, rashad becker, NHK @ superdeluxe: a 2nd serving. perfect.
fri 26 march: shackleton @ module: got a bad feeling this one is going to be overcrowded, but still super excited about this.
sat 27 march: levon vincent, terre thaemlitz @ womb: i love levon & terre more than i hate womb. i think.

put that all together and you've got a really good month of music. for a while i was feeling a bit despondent with the scene in tokyo, but this year it really feels like things are picking up. lets hope this month is a sign of things to come. now that i'm based here, will try to do more posts on upcoming parties in tokyo, as well as reports on some of the artists i catch. pump!


  1. That's a great pic. Shackleton sounds very enticing.

  2. have a good time / life in tokyo chris!

  3. Aaargh! and I'll be in Tokyo only in April, Easter weekend and the one after.
    But maybe I'm lucky and March will "just" be a warm-up month... ;)
    Enjoy the parties!

  4. That's an amazing pic. The sharpness / focus on the chrome railing is tops.
    BTW - one word - DEER. Thanks for putting him out there for us to discover. Really love his work.

  5. oh, meant also to share the link below for those of us that need a Dozz fix. Is Dozz, is good.

  6. Welcome to Tokyo ^^/

    For sure its great to love music in Tokyo.

    Ill try to make it to module for delta funktionen and definitely to shackleton and to womb even if i hate this club myself as well ...

    This month there is also Roy Ayers with motor city drum ensemble on the 13th at Unit plus theo Parrish at eleven on the same night.
    and on the 19th Mark e and Moodman at eleven !!!
    but these are more tokyo soul disco spring ;)

    Well hopefully we will meet on the dance floor at some point...
    Thank you so much for your blog and keep up the good work.

  7. oh wow. vainio/nhk/rashad becker. that sounds well bum. i didn't know becker made music...

  8. @ Srdic:... stay tuned for more deer, my dear...

  9. oooh yeah... hope I am back for Shackles... will be too busy FOR SURE though Chris! am gona grease my elbows specially so i just slide past people

    David: hope you CAN make it to DF!!! I cant be there so will be doing a remote set audio and video. we'll see how that works out!!! he he ...

    ps Srdic: nice jellyfish! i do approve!!!

  10. well thank you dear.
    Not quite sure how it is Deer Martin wasn't on my radar previously. He sure is the bullseye right now. Staying tuned ...

  11. Welcome to tokyo,

    I want to see you at superdelux tomorrow!


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