Wednesday, March 17, 2010

back into the labyrinth. again...

just a quick post to say that the dates for the 10th labyrinth festival have been announced. it will be on 18 - 20 september 2010. no more details at this stage, but you can feel confident it will be another very special event. i know some ssgs have been thinking about making the trip but are a bit worried about whether it'll sell out. well the good news is the labyrinth organiser has guaranteed any mnml ssgs readers making the trip from overseas to japan they'll be able to get a ticket. if are you are definitely coming, please email us with a really obvious email title like 'labyrinth tickets', including your name and how many tickets you want, and we will pass your information on. to be clear, we really don't have the time to be giving travel advice & stuff like that on coming to japan. i'd suggest the lonely planet guidebook. but if you've decided you will 100% be coming, send us an email and we'll make sure you will have the opportunity to buy tickets for labyrinth. i am sure it will be another special few days. both PC and myself will be in attendance. hope to see you there...


  1. going to do my best to make it this year, but not sure if i can swing it financially...

    we shall see!! now that i have enough notice on weekend, i hope i can make it happen. would be great to see the lab family again!!

  2. i will be there.

    whats your emailadress?

  3. email is in the top right hand corner of the page:

  4. jesus i wanna go...

    just curious if anyone knows - what's the capacity/attendance numbers for this festival?

  5. i can't make it despite planning to from last year; a wedding to attend in ldn is scuppering any financial possibility.

    i will say that its a great thing you've done managing to get us tickets if we want them. much appreciated.

  6. I think it used to be limited to 1500 or did they open it up to 3000 last year? Anyone?

  7. I really want to make it this time.

    Excellent job you've done with the tickets!

    Is there a possibility of securing tickets for some friends too?

  8. So as to reduce the load on Chris, I would also be happy to answer a few general questions on Labyrinth and put you in touch with people who will be making the trip so as to offer some advice. if ya need! only hope to god i am well enough to go... doesnt look certain right now

  9. just to let y'all know.

    jetstar are doing a huge 2 for 1 sale on one-way fares to japan...dates available include august 20-sep 14.

    so i guess people could go over the week before.

    $300 one way from and osaka.

    'tis cheap.

  10. We're in Japan in september, so definitely going!

  11. first two artists have been announced:

    shackleton (live)
    mathew jonson (live)



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