Saturday, March 27, 2010

friday (big) fun

just a quick post. i got this mix the other day and it has been putting a big stupid smile on my face every since. this is a mix of old pop house tracks from the 1990s by tevo howard. the description he gives is: "This mix was spun circa 2005, and is in a classic Chicago dj style and format (blends spun at the break). The track selection is of some of the popular songs that got radio play circa 1990." that should give you an idea what to expect. nothing too highbrow here, just fun, carefree music. i must admit i have a huge weak spot for music from this era. i am not sure what it is exactly, but there is a real simplicity and almost naivety to many of these tracks. i'm probably just romantacising it all, i just love it.

tevo howard - '90s pophouse mix

tevo is playing a bunch of live and DJ dates across europe in the coming months. info here. i'd be very interested in live set, i think i was reading somewhere it was all analog... anyway, enjoy this mix for now. fun fun fun.


  1. You're right, this is tremendous fun! ...and one I almost certainly would have never downloaded otherwise. Thanks for posting!

  2. the acid/hip-house track has been killing me all day. terrific mix.

  3. love this... am also a massive fan of this and far cheesier stuff from this time too actually (my young teenage years!!). happy days of (albeit uncool) discovery...

  4. ps not many comments eh? you ssg fans out there taking yourselves too seriously out there or are you just too old to appreciate this??? hmm... tewibuwy suspicious

  5. Really enjoying this mix. I would love to grab several of these tracks... anyone have a partial tracklist?

  6. Fun, fun, fun! I would gladly dance to this.


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