Wednesday, March 17, 2010

ssg special: claudio fabrianesi

ok, this will be the first in a couple of ssg specials over the next few weeks. while we are slowing things down with the main mix series, you dont need to worry, we will still be feeding you quality mixes. and, once again, we find ourselves back in italy...

a while ago dozzy sent me some tracks he'd been working on with a friend of his, claudio fabrianesi. these were real killers - best i'd heard from dozz in a while. deep, deep house burners. when i hear a collab, my instinct is always to go & investigate more about the person i don't know so well. after hearing these tracks, i figured claudio knew a thing or two about house. and this mix he has done for us confirmed my thoughts. not much to say about it, house music done right. that simple.

claudio fabrianesi - ssg special mx

with these mixes i'll just add the tracklisting in the comments after a few days, so just check back if you want some IDs.

as well as DJ'ing,  claudio is behind the còclea music label. for more info, check his myspace. the good news is that the tracks i mentioned are coming out soon. the EP is called 'disco infecta' and will be released may 2010 on mule musiq. this is a great home for some really fantastic tracks. definitely check this EP. perfect slow burning grooves. for now, enjoy some lovely house jams care of claudio...


  1. I keep forgetting how pleasant and airy good house music can be. Thanks Mr. Fabrianesi (and ssgs of course) for reminding me of that with this mix!

  2. after months of ugly snow and gray skies: it could touch 60 degrees here in chicago today, not a cloud in the sky, and i suppose something NOT so dark is in order :-)
    (pardon my poetics, but we chicagoans draw a lot of our energy from the weather...)

    the guy's myspace 'influences' reads like a list of most of my absolute favorite musicians... and extra points for that picture looking like it's a party in a subway... will have to throw this on the soundystem later!

  3. Grrr... the set ended! Solid set, only problem is that it's only 48 minutes long. The last 15 minutes had me on a total groove =)

  4. first warm day in a long time, such a pleasure listening to this with the windows open.

  5. you can check his modyfier podcast as well:

  6. and also the commodity place podcast:

  7. @ ilan and roman is spot on there.
    Claudio F's and Commodity Place's Modyfier set are on the money. (Like so much of what is put up on Modyfier it has to be said).
    Enjoying CF's ssgs 'cast - very kicked back (and given I'm hols, the perfect mood set for where I'm at !).

  8. any chance we could have a tracklist on this one?

  9. 1 Damon Lamar - Tsunami Rain
    2 Chez Damier - Why
    3 Red Rack'em - All I ever wanted
    4 Rising Sun - Sun Dance
    5 Innerzone Orchestra - People make the world go round (Kenny Dixon Jr. remix)
    6 Dj Sprinkles - Sisters,I don't know what this world is coming to
    7 Recloose - Mym 230 (R.I.P.)
    8 Trusme - W.A.R.
    9 Mop - untitled

  10. I really liked this.

    And the other ssg special.

    Think I'll probably like the next one too.

    They seem to have a good sense of urgency without being too fast or you actually have to listen to them and they can't just be background music.

  11. Superb mix, keep up the great work...


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