Friday, March 12, 2010

Anything but Melboring... (another partial re-territorialisation)

Hello all,

...actually, to be honest, I've just kind of had the wind taken out of my posting sails. I just received a DMCA complaint/takedown warning for another post I did on an event in Melbourne that shall remain nameless.

Like all our posts, this had NO link to anything that could be construed as copyright material... I don't understand it... ...this makes me think that the notices must be automated (or maybe even a pssstake or a mssstake), because any human scrutiny of the post in question (or even a non-human such as a lawyer) would have made it abundantly clear that there is nothing even remotely suss about the post... but now in order to counter-claim, I/we have to write (snail mail, not email) or fax google... geez and or gosh... assured, Chris and I are looking into ways to safeguard the archive online here.

ANYWAY... if you read my Melbourne-related posts, you might be forgiven for thinking that it's all doom, gloom, and no boom boom round these parts. Of course, the intention here is always critical and polemical, a way of provoking some kind of conflictual discussion that, I hope, will lead to a better understanding of where we at and the possibilities that might contain.

But today it's all enthusiasm. It never Waynes, it Pauls, or something. Hot on the heels of an amazing performance by the Dirty Projectors on Tuesday and Tim Hecker last Thursday comes a triple header... Over at Unfortunate Ancestor we have the Optimo boys banging the party for the cooly/munty gen Ys and their allies; somewhere in the bushy bits of Abbotsford, DJ Pete is playing in a warehouse (true story, check facebook, follow the youtube link); and down at Miss Libertines, we have a gig that is both exciting in its lineup and eminently sensible in its price and times.

Shackleton, ladies and gents. And so I cast my votes with them... hope I might see some of you there. I'll be yapping, drinking, and wearing a Stefan Marx t-shirt with some lousy animals on it, such as you might find here in the Winter 2010 collection. Gosh I am such a geekboy/fanboy... but hey, that's why we started the blog, no?

...I've been meaning to have my two cents on the whole spectrum of back-to-front, syncopated, music doing the rounds... it strikes me there is sooo much interesting going on, but also a lot of complacent re-hashing and recombining of old forms, which then gets presented as something 'new'. Of course, novelty is over-rated and sometimes functionality is enough, but.... I want more. On this tip, if you haven't, do yourself a favour and get a lossless, vinyl or CD copy of Shackleton's 3 EPs album. It is worth the effort, really one of the best releases of the past year or so, and very poorly represented by the thin mp3s that were doing the rounds. But more on that soon. In the meantime, maybe see you down the disco.



  1. ok i'm down with shackleton and optimo...gonna be at both.

    but dj pete!?


    where are said links? in my suburb no less.

    add to that john daly tomorrow night...makes for a fantastic weekend.

  2. dj pete?? serious?? at the berlin/melbourne twin city party? no way! please confirm if this is true
    great weekend in melbourne!

  3. Is the DJ Pete party real?

    See you at Shackleton!

  4. Hope to make it to Shackleton tonight, working tomorrow though...

    ...and future can fuck off.

  5. Rixdorfer Spasssause Melbourne vs. Berlin -

    After the great success of Silvestersausse we have another very enjoyable event coming up for you! The Melbourne vs. Berlin Spasssause!

    Berlin and Melbourne, two incredibly awesome cities that share many similarities among their people and way of life, will give each other the honor in a little joint party on both sides of the globe next weekend! While it is still freezing cold in Berlin, the Melbourne Spasssause will try to make use of the last summer days and will take place as an open-air in the park (Location tba). The Berlin party will again be in cozy TheEstablishment in Kreuzberg!

    Let's keep up the cultural exchange and the links between our cities and have a party for Melbourne and Berlin !!!


    ----- MELBOURNE ------------------------------------

    Friday 12th of March 8pm
    Somewhere in the Bush (tba)

    - Thierry Lamarque (Offword)
    - Folklaw (Rising Lantern)
    - Cheap Date
    - DJ Filter
    - DJ Pete
    - Disturbance (r26)
    - Shamoan (r26)

    ----- BERLIN ----------------------------------------

    Saturday 13th of March 11pm
    TheEstablishment (Spit & Sawdust), Reichenberger Strasse 133



    - Joel Alter (room with a view, sweatshop)

    - Tollwütiger Hund (popmonitor)
    - Your Boy A! (r26)


    - Gunnar Jonsson ( kontra musik )
    - Violet Glitter Funk


    Eure Rixdorfer Spasssause

  6. Optimo just announced that April 25th is their last ever night, so if you are interested in seeing them, this might be your last chance.

  7. That Berlin/Melbourne party would have to be one of the more quietly promoted gigs that has gone down in Melbourne. Nice to see cool things happening away from the usual suspects.

    PS, would love to know exactly what the complaint stemmed from...

  8. ...(or even a non-human such as a lawyer)

    ssgs mix 02 is from a non-human ?

    norman nodge myspace :

    making music is not the business that has to feed me, but a thing of the heart. i..m a berlin-based family father, lawyer and music enthusiast,

  9. Hmm, that means Shackleton is playing here in Sydney tomorrow night, downstairs at the Civic... very, very tempting, I loved the 3EPs.

  10. Shackleton was amazing!

    Next level stuff right there, nice to meet you as well PC.

  11. Hey Will, yes, likewise, always a pleasure to put some flesh back on all this hypertext.

    FYI, the Pete in question was A DJ Pete, but not the DJ Pete associated with hardwax... sorry 'bout that, folks, my fault.

    Yeah, Shackleton was amazing, really, and Declan Kelly's warm up set was world class, really as good as 2562's was a few months back. Thank you Declan and all for a great night!

  12. I saw Shackleton at the Civic Underground in Sydney last night. After initial dismay over the seeming limitations of the sound system during the preceding local act (no names) - most evident in the bass response (eg, the act's insistence on the 'wobble' thang was not much more than a distorted, muddled thud), Shackleton took to the stage with no fuss and masterfully worked the system to advantage, without losing any of the dynamic we've come to expect from him. Just stunning!

  13. well i hit up shackleton, optimo and the daly on sat night.

    shackleton didn't impress a much as you guys by the looks of it.
    declan's last 30 mins were aweseom but shackleton just didn't blow my mind like i hoped he would.

    over at optimo! first time seeing them live and by god they were awesome. pretty much straight up techno for most of it...bloody awesome.

    daly was also good, started off on a deeper house tip (which worked quite well) before moving more disco-y...good vibe. nice peoples.

    good music weekend.

  14. why are you guys continuing to do with the thing instead of hosting your own site? it really isn't that hard (though i use wordpress so i can't comment for sure if it's as easy to do for you guys) or expensive. then you don't have to deal with this nonsense.

  15. @ Pipecock: we're working on it, trust us....

    @ everyone else, especially attendees impressed with Declan's set, another set by Declan, also impressive:


  17. i haven't read the post

    but hell yes melboring

    the"scene" of dance music that had it's gumption of genuine punters is listless and no where in site, either merged into mega corporate parties or the moronic melbourne crowd of old that is unfriendly arrogant and dead from the waist down.

    I am writing as a saturated inner city melbourne dwell and participant of body movement.

    it's not how you look it's how you feel

    and melbourne feels dead... again .... from the waist down .... again


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