Sunday, March 21, 2010

sunday sounds

sorry, don't think there has been a sunday mix in a while. this will have to be a quick one... still been enjoying a lot of ambient stuff lately. here are 2 ambient mixes by material object. one is completely composed of material from pete namlook's fax label. given his ridiculous output (checking his discogs it looks like he releases something about once a fortnight), this is a good entry point. the other, longer mix also contains plenty of fax material too. keeps the deep spacey ambient vibe going nicely. if you liked the ambient mix dozz did for us, chances are you might like these.

material object - fax mix

material object - ambient01 mix

like many of the sunday mixes i post, nothing too mindblowing, just quality sounds for the weekend. have a good one people...


  1. thanks chris, this is exactly what i need for tomorrow. just got back from from a SE London soul, funk, disco party from which my old friends have generated quite a little following. a private party blossoming into a local institution. It's really cool to enjoy the enthusiasm for a scene outside of the techno sphere. When you listen to the old sounds, you gain so much perspective on how we ended up here. ok i'm rambling now....thanks to the ssgs for everything.

  2. always nice to calm down and reflect with some ambient. loving the first mix.

  3. Nice! Glad to see these mixes on your blog. Be sure to check out some of MO's 12"s too, good stuff:


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