Friday, March 12, 2010

Ben Frost is a wolf to man....

In developing the mix series for the blog, Chris and I have been adamant in pursuing anyone and everyone who we feel passionate about and asking them for a recording.

With this in mind, and after his mindblowing (and speaker blowing) set from Unsound which we posted a few months ago, I contacted Ben, on the off chance that some genius might have hit record while he was doing the do.

Ben has been kind enough to offer us a 'mix' of several cuts taken from live performances of his work on the recent tour.

You can really hear Ben's sound developing here. There is something... incredibly intense, vital, visceral about this man's approach to sound design and composition. The album title - 'By the Throat' - is apt. If you haven't heard it, buy the By. But as a prelude to that, and as a work in its own right, we proudly offer this gem. Enjoy. Oh, and trust me - play it LOUD.

Ben Frost - Concert excerpts from the Bedroom Community Whale Watching Tour

Ben Frost - Concert excerpts from the Bedroom Community Whale Watching Tour - Fairtilizer link, 44.1khz version

And here's a sendspace link. The file is encoded at a bitrate higher than Fairtilizer wants, so if you want it as Ben intended, here 'tis:



  1. soundcloud says 'Oops, looks like we can't find that page!'

  2. aha, that's just because the download link has gone, if I go to his profile it is there

  3. @ ed: thanks. fixed it. my fault!

  4. will sort a new download link for this as soon as i get home...

  5. Amazing stuff. Pity it's so short but still, very enjoyable.

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  7. @ Brian:

    this comment has no relevance to the post, is a bit offensive to me, and.... descends into blog spam...

    Kinda reminds me of a pick up line my high school friend actually did say to a girl (who vomited on him after they snogged):

    'But that's enough about me. Let's talk about you. What do you think of me?'

    please cease and desist... or contribute something that is relevant to THIS thread and THIS blog...

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  9. @ brian: i think PC's issue was that you posted the link in this thread about ben frost, which really has nothing to do with the sound of your mix. yes, mnml ssgs pushes that kind of sound, but as this post on frost indicates, our tastes are much broader.

    we are planning on doing a march thread, we are just behind on it, as we've both been incredibly busy. for a mix like this you could have posted it in the most recent thread - the february one - or held off until there was a more relevant topic, as your mix really has nothing to do with ben frost, which is the topic of this post. once the march thread is up and running, feel free to post it there.

  10. can i say "industrial" to this kind of music?

  11. @chris thanks for the response/update, i figured you guys had cut the monthly discussion idea because it's not at the top of the sidebar like usual. and if there's a pick-up line analogy, i feel the girl would have had headphones on and listening to overly loud noisy electronic music, for what it's worth... but i'll cut out my apologetic bitching for the sake of cleanliness :-)

    and i promise i'll look into ben frost, from what little i've heard it sounds like it would make interesting 'film soundtrack' music...

  12. hhaha "film soundtrack" music

    good luck to you and your blog.................

  13. Check out this 15 minute collage composed entirely of Ben Frost's tracks that I made to compliment his 45 minute performance from Unsound.

    The mix is titled "Frost Bite", and can be downloaded here :

    Track Listing With Timestamps
    00:00 Through The Mouth Of Your Eye
    01:00 Through The Roof Of Your Mouth
    01:45 Through The Glass Of The Roof
    03:09 The Carpathians + Through The Mouth Of Your Eye
    04:05 Theory Of Machines [splice and edit]
    06:00 Stomp + Theory of Machines
    08:20 We Love You Michael Gira [edit]
    09:20 We Love You Michael Gira + A Horizontal Fall
    11:00 We Love You Michael Gira
    13:40 A Horizontal Fall (Ben Frost feat Amiina)

  14. Fans of this may be interested in new release from Weird Ribs.
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    Think Black Dice, Tim Hecker, Growing, Emeralds, Tangerine Dream.

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    All the best!


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