Monday, March 29, 2010

ssg special - patrick walker (forward strategy group)

it has been a while since we've had a serious techno mix on ssgs, but no need to worry, the break ends now with this tight techno workout care of patrick walker. for those who don't recognise the name, walker is half of forward strategy group (FSG), a UK outfit that has been responsible for some really top notch techno over the last year or two. i saw FSG at plex in london last month and despite a few technical glitches at the start they put together an impressive set of power techno. what i like about FSG is that they are really building on the strong british legacy of the 90s, but doing so in an interesting and quite unique way. these guys are definitely worth keeping an eye on...

for this mix, patrick has made something which is more representative of what he has been doing when DJ'ing and working by himself. it was done using 1 laptop, 2 midi controllers + 1 technics 1210. the result is a tight, powerful mix that has a real sense of coherence and focus to it. i've been struggling a bit to find techno mixes lately that have really satisfied me, but this one definitely did the trick. i like its pace and structure.

patrick walker - ssg special mx
*tracklist in comments

FSG have a remix on the latest perc trax EP, and they've got their own release on the same label coming soon. in addition, patrick is doing some stuff by himself, and also collaborating with inigo kennedy and charlton ravenberg on a new label, destroyaliens. the first release for that is out soon. big thanks to patrick for this mix, and for doing the artwork, thereby saving everyone from my shithouse efforts. ok, techno time. enjoy!


  1. Excellent, I loved their Plex set.

  2. wow. that was fucking ace..nice was chris and thanks p walker

  3. awesome awesome awesome atlast !

  4. Looking forward to this - the sets he does for Leith FM are top-notch:

  5. Damned fine. I don't think I have enjoyed a techno set this much for a long time.
    Thanks too to @ beeficus for that link. D/l'ing.
    Killer track listing.
    Thanks guys. Easter beats.

  6. in download.

    just curious, what denotes a mix as a "ssg special" rather than getting slotted into the numbered list?

  7. @ zane: this series is, for a lack of a better word, more relaxed. each mix in the 'official' one normally takes a huge amount of time and effort, and there is a specific vision we are wanting the artist to work towards. these ones are more open in terms of what the artist can do, and we are also to willing to put pre-made mixes up, as opposed to the 'official' sereis, which is all commissioned. but the difference between the two isn't huge.

  8. while I was cleaning my kitchen I wasn't satisfied with first 10 minutes of a mix, but then Patrick built it by slightly increasing it's inner dynamics & to 35 min. it was already hot. I do like this kind of industrial & raw sounding techno. And Mr.Walker is really good on it. Top.

    p.s. FSG's remix for Perk is bomb!

  9. @Chris: "there is a specific vision we are wanting the artist to work towards"

    care to share the ssgs manifesto? I'm interested what directive you give these artist to get such outstanding results.

  10. ovatow // permutation
    lerosa and donato dozzy // gas_nake
    blue spirit // no suzuki
    cottam // untitled #002b
    peter van hoesen // terminal
    emptyset // beyond
    donor & truss // seize 2
    jacob // bodyfuture
    marcel dettmann // lattice
    khixbrrr // faeries
    levon vincent // invisible bitchslap
    claude young // reality 1
    forward strategy group // plank no #13
    sascha rydell // rude
    ancient methods // else // edit
    emptyset // completely gone
    perc // throb
    forward strategy group // orbits decay
    silent servant // murder murder
    claude young // inskripshun
    inigo kennedy // telegraph
    max duley // lapsed
    inigo kennedy + patrick walker // imperialis // asymmetric mix

  11. just got around to hearing this one, did not want it to end!

  12. I don't suppose anyone is ever going to a) read this comment or b) know the answer, but...that Jacob track, 'Bodyfuture' - fuck me! Anyone know when it's going to be released?


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