Wednesday, March 10, 2010

mx50: peter van hoesen - tracklisting

very happy everyone has been feeling peter's mix. can't think of a better way to celebrate out 50th! and if you were wondering what some of the gems were, here is the tracklisting:

mnml ssgs mx50: peter van hoesen

Ben Frost: God Protect Me
Oval: Oval Office
Theo Parrish: Space Station
Jouem: Levitation
Peter Van Hoesen: Closing The Distance/Toy Universe
STL: Silent State
Tres Demented: Tres Demented Drums Version
Claro Intelecto: X
Photek: Glamourama
The Lady Blacktronica & Mattski: If Some Rain
Juan Atkins: Urban Tropics
Keith Worthy: Lost In Sound
Levon Vincent: These Games
Abacus: A Place In time
Juju & Jordash: Deep Blue Meanies
David Wenngren: Fragment VIII

make sure to check PvH's new album, 'entropic city', which hits on 22 march. if you want to get a taste, all tracks are now available to stream. with this and 'dettmann' arriving, the techno world is about to get 2 very strong, and very different, albums. good good.

not sure when mx51 will be up, or who exactly it'll be from... we've been listening to what people have been saying, so for the time being we are going to slow the ssg mixes down a bit. dont worry, though, plenty more gold on the way.



    i am the biggest detroit / juan atkins fan worldwide an didnt know this beautiful track at 58 min. 'till now. thanks/bought.

  2. well its a nice mix , but didnt make me say wow dont know why, just nothing special IN MY OPINION :)
    and bout the dettmann and pvh albums , well they're becoming pretty standarts and nothing interesting , their older stuff i prefer much more..

  3. Again, the tracklist shows how - in a way - unneccessary tracklists are...
    By regarding it I realize I knew some of the tracks without recognizing them. I even own 2 of them. Others I did listen to in record shops when they came out, but didn´t find them worth buying...
    So in the end the beauty of the set belongs only in small parts to the tracks themselves. It´s mostly about the skills/knowledge/understanding of the person tieing them together.
    Thanks Peter for this outstanding contribution to the mix series!

  4. The mix is a nice retrospective and shows the world that it's not just about the newest and latest tunes.. We all cannot afford new music all the time and putting together these sort of sets is amicable and i love it!!

  5. oh man, i'm so happy, that i've found this mix. chilling low-pitched techno and house for the mind. thank you!


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