Monday, February 8, 2010

sunday sounds: mx @ labyrinth 2007

today we've got a special sunday mix for you, a live recording taken from the 2007 labyrinth festival. it is a 2 hour ambient set from mx. i'm happy we can share this, not only because it is a beautiful set, but also because it shows another side of labyrinth, it really is amazing you can hear sounds like this on the main stage of a techno festival. speaking of which, for ssgs around the world thinking about heading to japan for labyrinth 2010, i think the dates will be announced soon. i'll make sure to keep you in the loop... anyway, i asked mx to say a few words about the recording:

"In 2007, Russ asked me to play an ambient set at Labyrinth. It's not often you get asked to play an ambient set on a sound system of that size and quality, let alone in such beautiful surroundings. The music that year continued non-stop for 3 days and Russ asked me to play a set which (at least at the start) people could sleep to. After all the machine music on the first night, I remember searching for a place where I could reset with nature. The sounds of nature represent, for me, the ultimate music. In the end I couldn’t find anywhere out of reach from that sound system. I wanted to give people that opportunity to reset in a similar way with this set. It starts off very slowly, with field recordings (glaciers melting) through soundscapes and moves on to more electronic music and dub. That was my first Labyrinth experience. Beautiful and intense."

mx @ labyrinth 2007

mx is working on a new label called blackmaps, which sounds really interesting, as it focuses very heavily on combining music with other art forms through the way it is packaged and presented. music interacting with film, literature, textiles and all other kind of stuff. very creative... if we are thinking about ways to try to break out of the existing music models, this kind of collaboration and interaction with other art forms seems like one worthwhile avenue to pursue. you can find out more info about blackmaps on their website.

also, blackmaps have kindly offered ssgs a 30 day limited download of 'brooklyn', an electronic drone composition by xela, aka john twells, who runs type records. it was released by blackmaps/static caravan on the transit EP in 2009 as a limited edition 10" clear vinyl. so we are being extra nice to you this sunday!

xela - brooklyn

thanks to mx for this lovely ambient journey, and to blackmaps and xela for the track. perfect for a sunday. have a good one people...


  1. Did he change his name from Max Relaxx to just MX??

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  3. you had me at "glaciers melting"... will have a listen later tonight after the super bowl. cheers!

  4. words cannot describe how beautiful this is

    i almost cried when i heard philip glass' glassworks opening =]

    thanks so much

  5. Another amasing session !
    Any chance to have the tracklist ?

    What the superb piano track starting at 1h12min ?

  6. thats philip glass' glassworks.. enchanting

  7. makes you wanna leave the city.. go to where the glaciers melt ;)
    absolutely beautiful!

  8. Thanks a lot Giorgio!

  9. What's the track starting at about 1h00? Really like the random beat in the back with the ambient piano stuff

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  11. would love a tracklist for this set!


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