Sunday, February 14, 2010

sunday sounds: c_olvrin


this week we've got another special sunday sounds recorded live in japan. today's mix is taken from the mariana:m2 party last december, which featured two ssg artists, cio d'or and mike parker. warming up the place was c_olvrin, known to friends and family as craig. i should state up front that craig is a friend. this is not the reason i'm posting this mix, however. i'd been hearing good things from friends about his music for a while, but to be honest, i was a bit sceptical. i was wondering whether my friends were just being kind because he is a mate. well, after hearing this recording it was clear to me that this wasn't the case. this is genuinely good: deep, careful, thoughtful music that you feel. and what's more, it is really perfect warm up music for someone like cio. one worrying trend i've noticed is warm up DJs not knowing their job and their (crucial) role in the party. so sets like this always make me happy. and it is especially heartening to know that you can hear sounds like this in tokyo. this is further evidence for me that the scene in tokyo is heading in the right direction.

enough talking. here are some perfect downbeat electronics for a sunday. enjoy.

c_olvrin - warm up @ m2, tokyo 5.12.09

big thanks to dave from mariana, and to craig for the excellent mix. craig is also producing some really nice music and co-founded a new label called continental drift. worth keeping an eye out for. and for all our friends in tokyo, craig will be playing at the next mariana party on 13 march at module along with another ssg artist, delta funktionen. really looking forward to it. see you there!

to all that care, happy valentine's day, and for everyone: have a good sunday!


  1. ditto that Yuri... this mix is awesome!! bring on the 13th...

  2. Some really nice tracks in there, but as a mix it didn't get me. Might have to give it another listen.

  3. a tracklisting would be nice... thx for the mix!!

  4. What a great mix! exactly what i needed to hear..please keep mixes like these coming.

  5. Anybody knows what is a track on 39-40 min? Very nice track! Love it.

  6. @serge

    Aaron Carl - Crucified (Quantec remix) on Millions of Moments.

    Beautiful track...

    Dave/Chris, any chance of getting a tracklist for this from Craig??


  7. Thanks all 4 the feedback!

    tracklist follows;

    1 - Zelienpole - Aging
    2 - Fennesz - on a desolate shore a shadow passes by
    3 - Ben Frost - Leo needs a new pair of shoes
    4 - Ezekiel Honig - porchside economics
    5 - Demdike Stare - regressor
    6 - Atom TM - Wellen und felder
    7 - Tin Man - highway
    8 - Kanding Ray - the distance
    9 - Byetone - Rocky Soft
    10 - Aaron Carl - crucified (quantec remix)
    11 - Iksenit - wrong number
    12 - Kanding Ray - Quarante
    13 - Kanding Ray - Automne Fold
    14 - Shackleton - trembling leaf
    15 - Kanding Ray - down shifters
    16 - Bass Clef - don`t ask me to forgive you
    17 - Scuba - Poppies (substance dub version)
    18 - Mount Kimbie - 50 mile view

  8. That's the most Kangding Ray I've ever heard in a mix. Which is a good thing! :)

    Automne Fold is one of my all-time favorite albums.


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