Sunday, February 14, 2010

shifting patterns


this is a mixtape i put together the other night. i've been wanting to do one for a while, and with my impending departure it felt like the right time. as with previous 'mixes', i thought very carefully about the tracks and the way it was composed, but after that it is just crossfading. i recorded it just using a basic mixing program, in realtime and with no cueing, so that means some of the transitions are a bit rough. also, one or two tracks the volumes were too low, so afterwards i fixed it up a bit in audacity. so, basically, the mix is a bit rough. but. but there are plenty of really beautiful tracks in it, with lots of feeling and emotion. 

the mix is called 'shifting patterns' partly because i felt it reflected the structure of many of the tracks, and also because it was an apt description of my life now, and over the last 18 months. my time in the UK has been, and continues to be, unstable, shifting, and challenging. it has been very difficult and there have been some very dark periods. but during this time there has also been lots of incredibly positive and happy moments, achievements, new friendships made, lessons learned and even, on rare occasions, brief moments of peace. i tried to express some of these experiences and feelings in this mix. have a listen if you want. it is a good representation of where my head is at right now.
*i've added the tracklist in the comments

this mix is dedicated to yuri.


  1. It's a beautiful love filled mix. Listening to all this tracks, i don't give a shit about rough transitions and other technicalities. For me, this is just perfect. Thanks for sharing, and please, do this more often.
    All the best, yves

  2. Wonderful textures. Thanks for sharing.

  3. thanks for the kind words guys. i'm always a bit unsure whether to post these, but a few positive words is enough to make me feel it was the right decision.

    here is the tracklist:

    forest whitaker - quote from hagakure
    pan sonic - virta 1
    lawrence english - unsettled sleep
    gas - pop VI
    terre thaemlitz - cycles
    lawrence english - fleck
    william basinski - variation VIII
    bvdub - it's too late
    tomasz bednarczyk - raspberry girl
    the pubs - slide show
    terre thaemlitz - a city on springs
    william basinski - silent night

  4. This is my kind of music ;) Thank you for the tracklist...

  5. ohh, that bednarczyk track. needs to breath, and got that space here.

    lovely effort, thanks for sharing a personal touch!

  6. ''this mix id dedicated to Yuri''... you fucking rock Chris!! looking forward to you being in the hood man!! wicked...

  7. real nice, just what my head needs right now. thank you

  8. Ebbing, rolling swathes of ambient post-rock loveliness. Imagine Kevin Shields and Wolfgang Voigt soundclashing all over the shop... Nice one Chris. Hope the stresses have plateauxed and are on the downslope. ;-)

  9. This mix is really lovely, thank you. More please!

  10. Top, top mix Chris. Wonderful sounds.

  11. Clearly a very personal mix Chris, and we are quite privileged that you have shared it with us; Thank you. It's quite beautiful and it quite resonates with me.

  12. thanks for listening and for all the kind words. glad it connected with some people.

  13. solid tracks and questionable mixing? sign me up!

  14. only just got around to listening to this.


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