Monday, February 22, 2010

I Don't Like Mundane: hear, my Deer

I've just instituted a new policy on Sundays where I turn off all electronic sources and dig through my collection of records for sounds. Mostly, this also means having a break from house/techno, and listening to those other releases that get shunted to the background, when working hours interfere with vocals, or vice versa.

After listening through Fripp and Eno's Evening Star and the equally lovely Oil on Canvas double LP by Japan, I flipped through my 'black plate things' (as they would say in Indonesia - piringan hitam) until I came to Kettenkarusell's extraordinarily good You and Me Make Love Forever, which led me to violate my own Sunday rule, as I then clicked and scrolled through an hour's worth of online sources looking for other Giegling-related artists, especially those that might be available by, err... not having to source one of the 3-500 vinyl copies in existence and have it posted back to the antipodes at great cost (which I'm sure I will do anyway, but...)

Anyway, in doing so, I stumbled on Deer's soundcloud (and his website); and in stumbling on Deer's soundcloud, I came across this liveset he recorded for the Neo Ouija re-launch party, late in 2008.

The set has some bumpy transitions, and I'm not sure about the 'kooky' track right at the end, but it's also brimful of interesting ideas and some very, very good grooves. One for those who don't like Mundane, or quiet time in the wee smalls.

Deer is another one of those artists working in the interstices of microhouse, ambient techno and electronica, a niche he occupies interestingly with Kettenkarusell, Benjamin Brunn, Move D and a whole bouquet of other sounds that sit well on low volume Monday mornings just has they beg to be turned up and left to run (like a hot bath ready for a tired body, I guess).

Deer has also released an excellent EP on netlabel ekwal, which you can checkout, and download here.

...all this provoked by picking up a piece of vinyl...



  1. I listened to the Deer set, I wasn’t nearly as into it as I was into any of the Kettenkarussell sets. There were good “tracks” though, lots of it, and I am definitely going to hunt down their new release on Giegling with the Brunn rmx. But the set as a whole just didn’t really do it for me.

  2. Really nice compilation with Relapxych.0, Deer and Quantec

  3. thanks for the kind words, very cool to be featured on one of my favourite blogs. I agree about that liveset.. I love the tracks in there still, but the set itself is from a "i have to do everything improvised in max/msp phase" that disregarded the notion of building transitions or a longer narrative. btw, Kettenkarussell and the whole Giegling roster is based in Weimar, it's a really cozy local affair ;)

  4. PC - great new discovery in Deer.
    Exactly the sounds I am into at the moment - love it. All 4 tracks are amazing in their own way but 'Stationary', now that's somethin' extra special. Big thanks to Deer for making them available and big thanks to the ssgs for yet another new door opening. This is so what I have loved about this blog.

  5. I thought the start of the set was quite unique and moved fascinatingly between tracks. I got a bit worried with the pace at which tracks were changing, especially when some moments deserved to be drag out for way longer. It seemed to get a bit lost amongst many decent tunes, occasionally threatening to reignite.

    Anyway, I am impressed with Giegling's output, it reminds me a little of Wolf and Lamb's. Playful but with plenty of solid tones and interesting sounds. Eye will be open for future releases.

  6. hey propbably im able to attend you some giegeling vinyls, its around the corner(im living in leipzig) and my favorite store, 2 streets around the cornmer from me, got the gig04 in stock, and a friend of mine knows the kettenkarusell guy, maybe i can build a direct connection to you...
    just let me know...big thx&good times(myspace_karlagerfeld)

  7. ah this is nice. a new name for me. will check it out. thank you! :-)


  8. @ justus: now got 3 of the 5 giegling. just missing 3 and 4 (i think). kettenkarussel actually did a ssg mix for us but had their HD with the mix on it stolen... hopefully there will be something from them in the future. really liking what this label is doing...


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