Monday, February 1, 2010

mnml ssgs mx49: natural/electronic.system.

this week we continue with our very slow reliving of last year's labyrinth, now with a 2nd contribution from one of the standout acts of the festival: natural/electronic.system.

i know it is something that we keep on talking about, but having a distinctive sound is absolutely key for us. there is plenty of good music out there, we want something a bit more. and that's what is so great about what natural/electronic.system do. they are really developing a sound and feel which is distinctly their own. these guys just pitch it down a bit deeper than most, then take you under.

this is what natural/electronic.system. had to say about the mix:

"2009 has been a year full of emotions for us. Something so special that it's difficult to find good words to describe it, but music can be really handy with that...

The idea behind the podcast this time is to recreate the light differences during sunshine through the music... A start with light that gradually fades into darkness... This would sort of recall what we experienced in Japan during the 3hrs of our set, but at the same time with a different approach. So you can feel the flow changing during the recording and slightly differences with the last mix we made.

This mix is our wish for a great new year to all our old and new friends around the world.
Just enjoy it...

Antonio + Valerio"

mnml ssgs mx49: natural/electronic.system. 'sunshine over greenland' mix
mirrors tomorrow

it was an absolute pleasure getting to know antonio and valerio in japan last year, and i am really happy they were able to do another mix for us. it is nice the way this mix series has become a way not only of discovering new sounds, but also finding new friends. i keep noticing a very strong link between quality music and quality people...

check myspace for more info on natural/electronic.system. there should be a tracklist for this in the next week. enjoy this one, it's a real trip.


  1. i ditto those thoughts Chris... so lucky to have made so many friends... through Labyrinth for me but Sssg too. cant wait to hear the mix here ... was so lucky to become friends with these guys too. couple of the most talented yet humble young men i have ever had the pleasure to 'Labyrinth' with!! Bring on the 10th anniversary!!!!

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  3. I hope this mix is a beautiful as the photo that accompanies it. So far, it is.

  4. 20 minutes in and very tasty so far.

    Cheers once again guys, quality as ever

  5. dam thats one of the best !!! the atmosphere is so deep , but it actually is 4x4 i love it !

  6. Always a pleasure to hear a mix from these guys. They can craft deep emotions with their quality mixes. Much respect!

  7. 20 minutes in and this is brilliant. Deep as fuck.

  8. antoniooo!!! Valeriooooo!!!

    i wish we were close now listening to your mix together... so i can scream to you: what the FUCK are you playing on the 28' and after..?????

    Una Fatsa Una Ratsa*

    hahaha :-))))

    may the techno force rule our lives 4 long...

    Love u*

  9. MIKE PARKEEEER on 45'!!!

    i bet antonio you played this track*


  10. the opening track takes me to another dimension...

    this mix is a definite keeper

  11. Nice to hear 'Mohlao' in there. It puts me less in mind of tropical forestry and more of New York in the bleak midwinter. Another fine addition to the ssg canon and one of the few long-form - ie longer than a cd - mixes I could listen to in one go.

  12. Awesome!!!

    Can somebody identify track on 61st minute?

  13. @ Vinila_Deficits: don't worry, we will be putting up a full tracklist for this next week.

  14. Unbelievably amazing mix from two of the best. Shifting, meticulous, haunting, breathtaking, heart-pounding. Just about every superlative I think of could be attatched to this sublime mix.

    Thank you ssgs for delivering the goods; thank you n.e/s for creating this otherworldly masterpiece. Respect.

  15. This mix is awesome, deep dope shit, no question!
    Listening to this one, there are some thoughts/feelings which are similar to those I had with Eric Cloutier´s latest mix. Both mixes to me are some of the best on mnmlssg, yet both their predecessors were those which barely appealed to me.
    Both artist have hugely evolved over the past months, and so has mnmlssgs.

    So I ponder on a few questions:
    How much did mnmlssgs and their insisting an going deep, as well as the developed relationships between artists and blogs, contribute to this evolution? And how much did this conditions even contribute to the evolution of mnmlssgs? And how much influence did the Labyrinth festival have on all of this?

    However, this site has really become a distinctive voice and one can not say it often enough: Thanks! And keep up the good work:-)

  16. @ deepinanyway: those are some really interesting questions. we've been thinking about some similar things...

    well, i certainly dont think it came much from asking them to go deep. we asked them precisely because we had confidence that is what they'd do.

    there definitely has been a lot of synergy between the blog, certain artists and sounds, and labyrinth - both as a meeting place and a shared experience.

    one thing we've been wondering, though, is whether through this it is has resulted in mnml ssgs becoming a bit more conservative and fixed than we originally planned, as we've forged a certain voice and promoted certain sounds. i feel like our position has changed a bit and we are probably not quite able to do what we used to.

    and despite excellent mixes like this - and it is indeed excellent - today i again thought we really need to finish up this mix series. it'll take another month or two, but it is definitely time. the real challenge for us is working out how we can continue to push sounds and ideas, and not get stuck or conservative. still working out how to do that...

  17. @chris:

    Could you elaborate on what do you understand as "conservative"? Or how this conservative position - not quite sure what the suitable noun would be here - was caused by "we've forged a certain voice and promoted certain sounds". I guess putting up more than 1 ssg mix from several artists is not enough for this categorization. Just asking, because I am not sure from your words how much this conservative, as indicator, reflects on the blog's general goal/style or the music liked/pushed by the bloggers behind it. Surely, these are very hard to separate, but I guess there is a separation, since the blog is the tool in this case.

    Anyways, this may be off topic here. Thus, the suggestion to put up the February discussion post :-).
    Of course, it goes without saying: the mix is pure gold. Are the guys from natural/electronic.system perfectionists? :)

  18. @ zoller: yeah, i forgot to start the feb thread. will put that up tomorrow and we can move the discussion there.

    here the focus should be on n.e.s.' killer mix!

  19. Thanks again Chris! Amazing mix, about 50min in. One of my favorites so far, definitely captures the mnmlssg spirit you guys have been evolving towards.

    Just re: shuttling down the ssg mixes—in a way, I do agree all good things must come to an end. But I also hope you guys would consider not retiring the mixset completely, maybe toning it down to 3 or 4 per year, as a sort of retrospective, or saving the space for something really special.

  20. Beautiful both in sound and structure. Working on the thesis has become much more pleasant with this mix.

  21. this mix is the business.
    thanks for it and the tip to these guys, would love to see them live.

  22. This mix is unbelievably good. One of the best mixes I have heard in years. Selection is great and mixing is very nice. Glad to hear a mix full of thoughtfulness. I am just getting familiar with this blog and I must say I have been thoroughly impressed with most of what i have checked out. looking forward to getting to know it better.

  23. And what about your cimatics review Chris ? ;)

  24. @ antoine: i did a partial review, in december. i've struggled to find time to do one properly. the amount of time i spend on this blog is already huge, considering the amount of other commitments i have and that this is something i do for love and not money. i will do a fuller review when i have the time and headspace.

  25. I try not to use the word too often, but I gotta say Ive never heard a sound before that is closer to perfection.
    Its like a gateway. A portal full of diffused light. I can almost smell the japanese soil:)

    Thanks a million times for this.

  26. Any chance of a tracklist for this yet?

  27. @ tom: tracklist will be up in the next day or two. probably wednesday.


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