Tuesday, February 9, 2010

mx49: natural/electronic.system. - tracklisting

we've been super happy with the fantastic feedback to this great mix. one of the key aims of this blog is to push new artists we really believe in, so a situation like this always makes us really happy. natural/electronic.system. have some very powerful and unique sounds, and it is great that more people are discovering them

mnml ssgs mx49: natural/electronic.system.

Qads - Beginning [S!te]
Mohlao - Ambrose [Meanwhile]
Jouem - Day Lily [Just Another Beat]
Odd Machine - Phase In [Non Standard Productions]
Leo Anibaldi - Feed 1 [Cannibald]
XDB - Desert Storm [Metrolux]
C.B. Funk - Deep Sea [Story]
AU - Guild [General Elektro]
Mike Parker - Amalgamated (Extension Mix) [Geophone]
Najemsworb - Teranidian [AI]
Frozen Border - 04 B [Frozen Border]
Let's Go Outside - Exercise for Snails [Slant]
Grit - Traction [Statik Entertainment]
Dozzy/Say - Transparent [Unreleased Attic Music]
XDB - Rising Sun [Metrolux]
Posthuman - Monsters Exist [B12]
Cheap and Deep Productions - Darkroom Beats [Cheap and Deep]
Schubert - Subconscious [Statik Entertainment]
Holger Flinsch - Wiegenlied [Choke Music]
Retina.it - Microstruttura (33rpm) [Hefty]


  1. Its a beautiful mix, thanks to all involved

  2. great mix... i said it to the guys and i will say it here. i think you can really feel how sentimental they were feeling when they put this together... thinking of what was surely the best gig of their lives by far! nice... only wondering when I am going to get the priviledge of hearing them again!!

  3. Absolutely great sound!.
    Great set, as indeed it has been throughout the Labyrinth


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